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Another buxom black chick

October 3, 2010

I’m out in Piccadilly with Suave one afternoon. There’s lots of girls and we’re getting some pretty good approaches in. Early on I number close (and subsequently finger fuck) HB Brazil and soon after that instant date (and subsequently date) HB Barcelona. Sitting in Starbucks looking out the window we both spot the same girl at the same time – a tall, leggy, buxom black girl. We both get up but I’m faster so Suave has to stay behind and mind our drinks.

State is high and I open with a spontaneous observation. I forget exactly what it was. She’s laughing and joking. Ten minutes later I take her number and let her go. So far so good but it proves extremely difficult to get the Day 2. She cancels the morning of two dates in a row and is just generally fairly uninvested. I find out later she’s just got alot going on in her life right now. Finally I get her out with:

30/09 12:41pm Me – Mornin’. How’s my elusive prey?  [no way to avoid chasing, so just reframe it]
1:02pm Her – Oh I am sorry, how are you/
1:12pm Me – LFW is finished – phew! Poland next week, Croatia next month. We’re gonna do a different country every month. How you keeping?  [DHV]
1:26pm Her – I’m ok so what’s happening this weekend, do you want to rearrange?  [Good, I solicited the counter-invite]
1:38pm Me – Yeah, I still wanna meet you,though I’m kinda forgeting what you look like. It’s a dim, hazy memory…. ð  [Openly SOI but tease gently]
1:46pm Her – Well I guess I should remind you soon  [enjoys it]
1:54pm Me – Indeed you will. I think I need an incentive to get out of bed early. How does saturday brunch suit you? Coffee and pastry  [I’m calibrating her as a no-nonsense girl so I am more direct and less gamey]
2:10pm Her – Sounds good.
[logistics follow]


We meet in a cafe where I reading The Executioner for my day’s masculine fiction fix. She’s very pleasant and soon opens up. I walk her along the south bank of the river and then sit her down in a pub. Conversation is good – she’s interesting, making an effort, and pretty smart. Kino and body language is more guarded. I’m leaning towards attraction material at the beginning and then gradually dial that down to run rapport.

I venue change to another pub near Borough Market, standing outside to get a better feel for her attitude towards kino (not doing any yet). That’s where I shoot this video. I’ve edited together some of the rapport segments. My goal was to get her to open up about who she really is and what she really thinks, taking off the emotional armour, and also avoiding the normal “getting to know each other” tedious questions.

0:36 – Screening routine that’s not pulling her in too hard. Framed like I’m looking for reasons to blow her out.
1:00 – Mild challenge like she’s trying to turn the question around to impress me.
1:27 – Playful future projection and qualifying. She likes it.
1:43 – Emotional investment is evident from her vocal tone and how much she’s trying to hold up her end of a challenging conversation. There’s no monosyllables here.
1:55 – She’s showing me part the real HB Black Jamaica here, a part that is normally protected. Good sign of rapport.
2:15 – Reframe her chasing me, future project dating, and do it playfully.
3:00 – Mild SOI slipped into the conversation when I sense her reframing towards a potential LJBF
3:50 – A disgruntled former harem member?
4:10 – She’d spent a while qualifying on how lots of guys look at her but most are too scared to approach, even all the black wannabe players. So I reframe and gently mock it.
5:05 – Like every other girl, she is fascinated with romantic dynamics.
5:15 – Simple pre-selection DHVing within context
6:26 – Notice how we aren’t talking about any of the normal tedious shit you get on a normal date
7:00 – Sexualising it a bit but within a frame that it’s the most normal thing in the world
7:20 – Can you imagine a beta saying something like this. Because of the vibe her Black Victim instant-offense-taking alarm doesn’t set up
8:14 – Strong IOI and it’s interesting how she frames it to avoid giving away her power.
9:14 – She’s been doing lots of scratching and other mild IOIs all through the date, plus lots of hair tossing

We move on to a third bar which has private cell-like brick alcoves in the basement. I finally decide to kino escalate a little. She accepts hand-holding and leaning in on me but refuses three kiss attempts. They are “that’s not the way I do it” refusals, not “this isn’t a sexual dynamic” LJBF refusals. Once the date hits the four hour mark I release her back into the wild. It was fun.

Not sure how this set with go. She’s into me but has a few biographical issues that might get in the way. Rapport was excellent but seduction will probably be slow so not sure if I’m up for that. More posts will follow if it goes anywhere.

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