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Another week in game

August 16, 2010

Monday – Daygaming with Suave. Five instant dates and a Day 2 with a little Japanese pixie girl I kiss closed last week

Tuesday – Day 2 and kiss-close the leggy turk

Wednesday – Solo daygame. Instant date / number close an 18yr old virgin who tells me about her first blowjob. Get a few more numbers

Thursday – No gaming. I’d bought Sonic & Sega All Star Racing

Friday – Second date with Turk. Finger fuck her in Caffe Nero mid-afternoon. Number close a model during bootcamp, bring my Thai over and fuck her.

Saturday – Five minute kiss close of black girl in Tube station on the way to teach daygame seminar. Date her that night and get coke-fuelled blowjob in the street. Also pick up new Jap girl in Starbucks during bootcamp infield and date her that evening before black girl turns up

Sunday – Lazy day. Facebook of Persian girl in M&S food court then f-close the Turk – on video.

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