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Approach Log

May 27, 2010

It’s been a while since I kept my spreadsheet of approaches. Most of the time now I don’t bother logging everything – just the memorable sets and not even all of those. But I’ve been freed up to do lots of consistent day game in the last ten days or so and this is how it looked (all instant dates have / will have write up elsewhere). If I don’t mention the close / failed close it means I ejected without trying, either because I decided I didn’t want them or the vibe just wasn’t there. Sets still in play are underlined.

Monday 17th May
HB6 Dutch backpacker. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB6 Romania volleyballer. See last post
HB7 Chinese tourist. Number close, cancelled date
HB8 Bulgarian.  Number close

Tueday 18th May
No approaches

Wednesday 19th May
HB7 Polish. 5 minute chat, boyfriend
HB7 Finland. See last post
HB7 American black girl. 10 minute chat, married
HB7 Bengal. Didn’t hook
HB7 Turkish 2-set. Five minute chat
HB8 French actress. 10 minute chat, number close. Some texting
HB6 British 2-set. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB9 Brazilian. Didn’t hook

Thursday 20th May
HB6 British in summer dress, 5 minute chat
HB6 British burlesque, 10 minute chat
HB7 German student, 10 minute chat, failed close
HB9 Hungarian waitress, 5 minute chat, failed close
HB7 British 17 yr old, 10 minute chat
HB6 German artist. See last post
HB8 Dark haired Brit. Didn’t hook

Friday 21st May
HB7 Brazilian photographer. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB9 Italian tourist. 10 minute chat, meeting boyfriend
+ 5 more sets that didn’t go anywhere

Saturday 22nd May
No apporaches

Sunday 23rd May
HB6 Venezuelan big tits. Bounce, number close. Day 2 on Monday
HB6 Chinese student. See last post
HB5 Brit long legs. Re-opened student’s set. Ejected
HB8 Pony tail. Didn’t stop
HB7 Lancaster student. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB4 China. Hooked but ran a mile when I saw her teeth
HB5 Japan. 5 minute chat
HB7 French student. 5 minute chat.
HB6 Italian barrista. 10 minute chat.
HB7 Dark hair. Didn’t stop

Monday 24th May
No approaches

Tuesday 25th May
HB9 Persia 2-set. 10 minute chat, number close
HB9 Greek synchronised swimmer. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB9 French hired gun. 5 minute chat, failed close.

Wednesday 26th May
HB8 Indian big tits. Instant date, number close. Report to follow.

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