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Aquiring hand – HB Finland

September 21, 2010

“Hand” (the abbreviated form of Pimp Hand) is a sustainable relationship dynamic in which the woman willingly accepts her submissive position, thus allowing you to do pretty much whatever you want. Aside from being the best possible dynamic in a normal LTR – because the woman thoroughly enjoys submitting to a superior man – it’s also absolutely crucial for harem maintenance. I’m writing a seminar on hand / harem game but for now an example should suffice.

It’s Tuesday morning on my penultimate day in Lithuania. I’m about to leave for a lunch date with one girl and then got a 4pm coffee date with another. I’m also likely to get an evening date with a third girl and will try to squeeze a fourth in later still. HB Finland texts me:

Her 11:38am – I will be able to meet with you today at 21pm or 22pm.

Fuck! No way can I date five girls in one day. Something has to give and I’d rather put a fresher target in the coveted 9pm slot than a girl I’ve already banged two nights running. So I decide I’ll cut my lunch date short, daygame a little with the boys, then merge my three evening sets into one almighty date (which ends disastrously – another post and video to follow). I text Finland:

Me 11:40am – Ok, sounds good.

Later in the day my 4pm date is going very well and the evening dates are confirmed so I have to push Finland back to the graveyard slot:

Me 7:45pm – Probably after midnight is best for me. How about you?
Her 7:51pm – Hey, why so late? You are meeting with someone before?
Her 7:55pm – If you have no time and no wish to meet with me, you need just to inform me earlier….  [needs comfort]
Me 8:15pm – No! I want to see you  […though I can’t actually tell you when….]
Her 8:25pm – Then tell me exact time and place of our meeting…

I get this as I’ve just walked HB High Esteem back to her flat (but not to try an f-close) while HB Low Esteem is still in the bar with Jambone and the two 17 yr olds. That set has been going downhill but there’s still a 50/50 shot at an f-close tonight. So I bring out the big guns and blast Finland with a MOAR  (Mother of all Reframes):

Me 8:28pm – I want to show you I am not only about sex. That’s why I feel uncomfortable meeting you late to fuck. I was thinking about coffee tomorrow morning. To prove I like meeting you even when there is no sex. Does that make sense to you? I want this to be real, not just fucking.  [I’ve already fucked her and need to snowflake her. I want this to be an ongoing harem membership so I was going to have to do a no-sex date soon anyway to give comfort and avoid it descending into mere fuck buddy relations. However I put her on the defensive by challenging her to understand it]
Her 8:32pm – O.k.i understand… that is great… so when you would like to meet with me?  [accepted. You can almost sense her shrinknig into the submissive crouch]
Her 8:33pm – Tomorrow i’m not working at all ð
Me 8:36pm – Early. Maybe 9am  [you’ll see why further down – I’m always scheming]
Her 8:37pm – So text me, then you’ll know exact time. i’ll sleep tonight. have a fun night in Vilnius!
Me 8:53pm – Sleep well darlin’  [comfort, reward]

That frees me to go back to Paparazzi Bar to completely fuck up my remaining set but its all educational. None of us have figured out how to get to the airport the next morning but fortunately I planted the right seed with Finland – note the time:

Me 4:21am – Btw, this is a bit cheeky but… Could you drive us from our apartment to Hotel Panorama for the bus? We have suitcases so it’s tough to walk. And we don’t know the way…   [it’s not just laziness. I want to invest her even deeper and the investment momentum is good. I also want her becoming used to doing things for me]
Her 4:24am – O.K. Krauser. I need to find out, there is the panorama hotel. i’ll park niere your appartment. we could meet ther and take a walk to McDonald.  [she’s coming right to me]
Me 4:26am – Brilliant!!!!! Can you get to our apartment for 9am?  [reward, demand]
Her 4:27am – Yes, you allready woke up me… %-)
Me 4:29am – Sorry thanks  [comfort]

So she dutifully shows up after her nighttime date turned into a morning coffee which turned into her providing taxi services to the airport bus. A general rule of acquiring hand is never refuse a woman’s offer to do something for you (assuming it’s not merely a barter for her to get your to give something in return) and be shameless in asking for favours. After we have coffee in McDonalds and are safely on the bus I text:

Me 10:40am – Thanks for the help this morning ð  [reward]
Her 10:49am – Thank you for the nice time in Vilnius. I hope we’ll meet again one day. And thank you for the respect last night (you know what I’m talking about)…. ð  [MOAR fully accepted]

Reframe success! And lest anyone think this is a short-term spell, next day I’m back in London and have this exchange:

Her 7:34pm – Hey Krauser =) how are you? How is London? I’m ready to sleep and i already miss you ð
Me 8:03pm – Miss you too darlin’
Her [two days later] 6:45pm – I wish to know you more… i like you a lot =)
Me 7:25pm – Come visit me and you’ll know alot more
Her 7:41pm – I will =) we need to agree all details, next week (?)

So she’s coming for a week in October. This should give an idea of how easily a girl will slot into a harem when your frame is strong.

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