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Balls Deep – Free book serialisation

February 15, 2015

This blog has been neglected for the past six months or so. I’m sure you noticed. While I’ve kept telling myself “just finish the next product, then you can get back to the blog” what’s actually happened is as one product is wrapped I immediately start another.

I’ll admit it, I enjoy writing when I know I’ll get paid.

That said, I don’t want to be one of those buffoons who resents giving away any sliver of value that could possibly be monetised. While I’m 100% capitalist, I still know the value of helping your fellow man. It’s quite possible to give away some value while making a living off selling other value. It’s not healthy to shackle myself by second-guessing whether I’m “giving too much away” or it’s opposite extreme. So my issue is how to balance regular content on this blog, which I’ve always enjoyed writing, with maintaining a profitable business. Recently I’ve erred too far to the latter.

So, I hit on a good plan. In addition to the normal flow of think-pieces and commentary, I’m going to serialise volume one of my memoir here. For free.

Try to contain your excitement

Try to contain your excitement

Starting next week, I’ll publish two posts per week of approximately 1,000 words each, starting from the beginning of the book. Those of you who can’t wait for the next installment can just go right ahead and buy the full thing. Those of you who prefer free content can just wait for the next section. If it’s good enough for Alexandre Dumas, it’s good enough for me! I’ll be leaving the comment section open on each installment and encourage readers to give feedback on both the story and the presentation of it. Future volumes are in progress so it’ll help me make some editorial decisions.

First installment arrives tomorrow.

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