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Balls Deep – Nick Krauser book review

September 17, 2020

Sometimes names start popping up. A bit here, a bit there. They start to become familiar even if you can’t quite remember why. Daygame Breeze has been like that, as the NYC daygamer’s blog and Twitter have started gaining some traction. Maybe Gilbert talked about him once, or something. Anyway, it turns out the young whippersnapper has just posted a lengthy review of the second edition of my Balls Deep memoir.

That was rather nice of him.

This one

It’s a proper lengthy review too, comparing the themes of my book to those emerging in his own daygame adventures.

“having just finished Balls Deep, the first volume in Nick Krauserâs voluminous memoir series. And oh my, it is a hell of a book.”

I agree, pal. It is. The full review is HERE and I suggest you read it in its entirety.

“In much of the book, we read of Krauserâs journey through Game as told through a chronological collection of new experiences with different women. Perhaps Iâve read enough lay reports that, although I enjoyed every bit of his memoir, I wasnât moved by those stories as much as I was by the change in his mental model of reality. At the beginning of some chapter, he explains that he goes through pains to ensure that all of his thoughtsâwhether it be on economics, government or womenâare consistent with one another. Like Krauser, I got in to Game to solve a scarcity problem in my life, yet found myself going down a rabbit hole of psychology, philosophy and history. We learn how Krauser gets red-pilled and his reaction to it.

You see, Balls Deep is much, much more than 650 pages of racy stories. It also transcends the narrative of a technical man learning/developing Game technique.”

Breeze goes on to consider how, as a second (or third?) generation London Daygamer he related to my material the way I related to Roissy’s famous blog, back before he got cancelled. Like many of my pals, Breeze soon realised that getting laid is just the entry point of Game. Once you make that big Red Pill step – the decision to confront your existing beliefs and put them to the test – what Roissy called “where pretty lies perish”, you disappear down the rabbit hole. Everything is fair game. You become a changed man.

Or not, for the soyboy spergs who run around like numpties, perhaps taking a The Natural Lifestyles bootcamp now and then, and failing to get laid at all.

But the real guys- Team Top Lad, and those intending to join said team- they know Game isn’t just technique. It’s about complete personal overhaul. It’s deep level identity change. It’s what Breeze terms realising (or generating) the Inner Chad.

“Game isnât a hack to the sexual market place either. Rather, itâs a challenging path that lets us improve our lot in life by realizing (or generating) our inner Chad. To me, this means improving my fitness, fashion, social skills (through cold approach) and frame. Guys who optimize their position in the SMP without cash or fame tend to focus on inspiring feelings in the girls we date through high-quality attention. I believe this is synonymous with âcharismaâ as Nick refers to it.”

Yep, more or less. I suppose you could call it the process of Krauserfication. Not sure that term will catch on. Have a look, lads. It’s a nice little post. And he says nice little things about my book.

If you can’t control yourself and you must have Balls Deep right fucking now, head over to your local Amazon website and give it a search “Nick Krauser Balls Deep” for hardcover and softcover options. Brits click here. Yanks click here.

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