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Best Daygame Theory – The Overkill Discussion part 1

March 15, 2015

I’ve spent the past week in Prague whiling away my time in a pleasant manner. I spent a couple of days servicing my rotation, then Tom Torero rolled up with a cameraman and we spent two days filming infields. A couple of near misses with local ladies ensued and by the time rain and cold sapped all the fun out of the streets, I’d also hung out with a US guy who’d learned the ropes in stateside and was now on an extended Euro-Jaunt.

Phew! A busy week!

While rambling on to this US guy about daygame I was once again reminded how deep the skillset is. Imagine sitting Gary Kasparov in a bohemian Prague cafe for a few hours and encouraging him to discuss chess â the gambits, the meta-theory, it’s relationship to real life (he actually wrote a book on that topic), and the way personality expresses itself in your game. I think those few hours would quickly spill over into days.

Now, Kasparov is rather better at his chosen skillset than I am at mine but the point is that daygame is deep. I’m sure nightgame is too, but I don’t know so much about it.

You look very.... oh, fuck it. Coffee break!

You look very…. oh, fuck it. Coffee break!

A fortnight ago I solicited a few intermediate daygamers to watch my instructional program / theoretical exposition Daygame Overkill and to use it as a launchpad to relate their own theoretical insight. My instructions were quite broad, words to the effect of – âHere’s a free login. Watch it, relate it to your own infield experience, and pick up some themes to explore. Don’t worry about being positive â in fact, try to make some real criticisms to encourage debate.â

Over the next week or so I will be posting three different daygamer’s thoughts on Overkill. I hope this will stimulate some discussion and I strongly suggest my readers chip in with their own thoughts in the comments (which I’ll respond to). Some of the themes we’ll hit include:

  • Fine tuning your style to fit women’s dual mating strategy
  • Differences between relying on verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Choosing your targets wisely
  • How my personality reflects itself in set, and how yours reflects itself differently to mine

So without further ado, here is the first essay from Tom Juan â A UK-based guy who has been enthusiastically hitting the streets for a year now…….

I managed to watch all 335 minutes of Daygame Overkill within the space of two days (letâs just say I had a flexible two days, and even found the time after one of my now pissed off never to visit again f-buddies left my flat just last night!) and so the timing of this arriving on to my virtual desk was perfect, needless to say… And with one or two other slack, âtake it or leave itâ f-buddies on my rotation, I watched Daygame Overkill with much anticipation and with much hunger.

The key question: Has this hunger to learn something Iâve never seen expressed in such a âsimplifiedâ manner been sated? All will be revealed…

But I PROMISE I have absolutely tried and tried to cut this review down to a bare minimum, which isnât easy considering I had 3,000 words of notes to work from (Iâm a fast typer since I used to be a Direct Response Copywriter)… And notes that require expansion as the theme Krauser raises in a mostly eloquent manner (beside the occasional ball-scratching and pint-swigging), is simply fascinating. This theme centres around a level of masculinity that us as men in the 15% of Western societies where we are overall exclusively monogamous, have forgotten. Or never dared to even explore fully… And in my one year of feeling lost and confused because I simply canât and donât want to settle down (been there, done that), with this product, my justification to be a man is concreted more fully.

The Introduction

Upon starting to watch this, I was impressed by the film-worthy motion graphic titles, introduction clips and feature film clip, even though this was a little âover-egged.â Then on to the introductory Welcome video before the main event… How does a noisy bar presentation fit it into these slick motion graphics??? This seemed completely juxtaposed to the incredible film-like introductions.

That aside, since Iâm sure there are downsides we can accept considering Krauser isnât your âbells and whistlesâ kind of chap, this product seems to potentially go hand-in-hand with his book or virtual book (can you call it an ebook?), Daygame Mastery, which he later explains is a reference book, not a tips and strategy guide. And that Daygame Overkill is a simplified version of this book, so if you need the theory (nope â just download directly into my brain by watching what you do please), then to refer to the book to delve deep into the who, how, what, why etc.

So is his book Daygame Mastery needed to work alongside Daygame Overkill?

I think the overall suggestion is no, but it depends on whether your the kind of guy who needs to have it laid out in complicated jargon, or if like me, you âget this stuffâ on a deep level just by seeing it explained on a simplified level to cameraâ but again, we all have different learning abilities so although he didnât say this, it might be a good idea to read it if just watching clips and following his reviews of the infield footage isnât enough of an explanation.

The most groundbreaking thing about this intro video and product in general, in a nutshell, is the âKâ selection vs. âRâ selection concept, one which in my acute awareness as a learned daygamer (aware of who else is out there), has never been explained and triggered on a deep down âAHA!â moment in me before. And this is the most eye opening thing about the product because it makes you feel okay about wanting to fuck a lot of women… to put it bluntly.

In a nutshell, Krauser is bringing up the comparison between the nice guy boyfriend daygamer to the lover, sex-based daygamer i.e. R-selected.

Lover / Provider discussion in the Welcome introduction

Lover / Provider discussion in the Welcome introduction

The only other time Iâve seen this explained is in one of Tom Toreroâs videos where he delved into the lover vs. provider model, but he just said everything overlapped and there was no black and white, whereas Krauser is the living, breathing example of the black yet still being âkind of normalâ at the same time, unlike the R-selection comparable RSD hyper-dudes who donât ever seem to come down from PUA night game-centric, American (mostly) yes girl fucking heaven… Still valid, but not so relatable.

What Krauser is good for, is being relatable as someone you could meet in a pub and have a beer with, even if he filmed his infields with a hangover…. wtf??? And has a pint in hand in the venue of his talk while going through the Q and A section…

Okay for Beginners?

So it begs the question… is this product any good for beginners??? Or does someone need to be out on the streets getting flaky numbers after being that “nice guy” first before realising that this is the holy grail for him, to stop those boring first dates where you donât even try and kiss her (wtf?) and get either friend zoned or boyfriend zoned (I donât know which is worse)… Personally Iâd say the latter, as a complete newbie probably wonât get the entirety of this. Unless, he has the sex drive of a tiger on heat, and just wants to take a bit of a short cut that might cut out the pain, yet not allow the excitement of knowing how to overcome the obstacles a newbie nice guy daygamer has… and even knowing this stuff, it will take time becoming socially calibrated enough to get away with a lot of the stuff Krauser is showing.

Even I will have to have my results damaged by changing my ways since I will be trying a new method and although my long term success will be better (including SDLâs or first date fucks which Iâve had only one so far), I might find it less congruent in the beginning and therefore this will affect my results. And for a newbie there is still that initial âwtf do I say to a hot girl?â, let alone âhow do I do what Krauser does?â bumps to get over…

So as an ideal goal to hit, itâs great for anyone. But for someone to go out and practice this stuff, it really is an intermediate product.

What if you want a girlfriend? And has he done any market research?

Krauser assumes that having a girlfriend is a bad thing – yes I personally 100% agree but what if there are guys out there who would be happy settling for a hotter, tighter and younger gal to fuck every night and get a pad with, and who knows, have kids with (letâs just say I was one of those guys since Iâm a father to two beautiful boys), until of course they get married, they both get bored and they probably get a divorce (got the t-shirt). But aside from that, some relationships work, so what if there are guys genuinely gunning for monogamy?

Therefore I think he should explain that even if you want a girlfriend, itâs still better to be that r-selection boyfriend who is the prize, rather than the nice guy daygamer K-selection boyfriend. Put simply, you can âchooseâ with this approach, rather than âsettle.â Krauser also takes the general stance that most men are K-selected daygamers, rather than r-selected. How does he know this as gospel? Personally I think that a lot of daygamers mix the two, and get it right when they throw in a larger percentage of r-selected, which I have done with the girls Iâve closed way more quickly in the past.

So instead of classifying most men as âKâ selected, he should take more of a subjective perspective and see it as fluid ie. most guys will be K-selected in 80% of their sets, but the ones where they are r-selected (20%) will be the ones that net them the quick results i.e. not having to go on 3 dates or more before you get to fuck her. And itâs this fluidity that is missing in his explanation, so instead of being black and white, he should see it as it is â a mixture of the two, and suggest that to improve results and get more success, up the r-selection vibe and diminish the K-selection vibe. Maybe itâs because he doesnât coach and sees the world through his own eyes (fair enough), but a wider perspective here would have been better in my view.

Itâs true as Krauser suggests that most guys are non-sexually-threatening and therefore it doesn’t lead to sex, just nice conversations and numbers, because the women are still getting validation and attention, although she will never text you back, but itâs simply within us naturally as men to be r-selected as well so we canât help but play on that when we are at our best. Therefore itâs simply about being aware of how to bring our r-selected best version of ourselves, rather than learning something that is acquired like school children â my point being, that the r-selection traits are already within us! Itâs just about learning how to draw them out… (try not masturbating for as step one!).

Breaking the model down in the Welcome video

Breaking the model down in the Welcome video

So letâs get to the juicy part â the talk and the infields!

Krauser explains that the infields consist of 10 girls in Zagreb, Croatia within the space of 3 days, October 2014 and within a 1 mile square radius of each other. The first question in combination with alarm bells that hit my brain was – why only over 3 days? Why not commit a week to get the cream of the crop absolute best out of this guy and WITHOUT hangovers… (wtf???) Regardless, he ramps up the theory and makes it really clear about being âsocial savvy,â âsecret societyâ (I fuck hot girls all the time and I know that you know that I know that you know that) and the powerful sub communicator, rather than âwanna fuck!??â approach and style.

He also brings up his average stats as around 1-in-30, which is twice as good as mine so at least I know I’m watching the right guy to help me improve my results two fold… (everything is crossed). In part 2 of the talk, Krauser points out that everything you do should point to the r-selection. You want her to think youâre the bad boy or asshole… because that box is where all the action happens, even if sheâs taken since she knows you won’t give up the game when she fucks you on the side etc – ie. you won’t care about her boyfriend and try and steal her away.

He also talks about risk taking, âbirdsong,â that mixing up r and K will really hurt your results, the importance of being the guy who can handle being anonymous, covert sexualisation and how he mixes this in with fractionation. And finally, the cold, hard, fact, that if you go down this path, you are a service provider in âadventure sex.”

Nuffâ said…

Then the talk comes to a penultimate moment where you are about to see evidence of Krauser’s recent lays…. then, Nooooo! Why can’t we see proof of these “younger hotter tighter” girls!?? Iâm totally deflated by that… on advice of his mum? (as written in text on the video to cover up these obviously explicit images)… Yet this then raises the question… Shouldn’t his âmumâ be telling him not to do any of this full stop? Instead of âjustâ the part where he proves the type of girl he’s laid for the past year? â and a part which you would have thought would solidify Krauserâs reputation even more firmly, rather than piss you off and make you want to think heâs not so great because of the simple frustration at being denied these, and because you want to be inspired by these pictures so you are driven to succeed with the âyounger, hotter, tighterâ types yourself…

Thatâs at least how I felt at this point. So I urge Krauser to include these even if itâs a special VIP bonus that you have to pass some kind of test to access.

Part 3 of his talk expands more about vibe and goes on to explain the 4 pillars of daygame alongside more of an elaboration on covert sexualisation, plus an analogy between poker and daygame â âlose small but win big!â And finally, the importance of compliance tests â I canât wait to start putting this one into practice! (Again, something Iâve done without realising but never consciously knowing â this will allow for escalation). The Q and A section is where Krauser has a pint in his hand and he starts scratching his balls occasionally… classy! Seriously, leave it alone! And he provides a continued explanation of âvibeâ, integral to success in daygame (you canât be a miserable bastard and succeed).

Infield Overview, in Brief…!

Itâs clear that these infields were filmed by his mate Bojangles and were not of a professional quality, not that this is always an obstacle but you want to get the best for what you pay for right? The content however is the most important thing but it seems this was an unplanned affair which turned into a product â sometimes the best way to go, but it would have been nice to know that a little more care and planning (especially as three of the infield analysisâ were filmed from the same pub he filmed the introduction from â just a little budget Iâm afraid) had gone into this product you are paying good money for…

With the ten infields, Iâll be honest… I was impressed by six of them, and two of them I thought were at the level of MPUA. Four (maybe three because itâs good to show him ploughing with an out-and-out ânoâ girl) of them simply shouldnât have been included, for various reasons. I could go deep into each one and pick it apart bit by bit, but it would make this review double the length, and it would also kill the mystery. However his analysis of himself is great â concise, to the point and elaborates on areas where itâs important to do so.

You also see Krauser calibrate differently to different women and environments. The two where he had results were obvious as to why he got those results, and one in particular would have eaten any novice daygamer alive! Yet she seemed to get a taste of him within a few days of the interaction… He only goes into minute detail where he has diagrams ready within the video on one of the sets, and with the other one that I was blown away by, you canât see her face which is a real shame, but with the way she was talking, she must have been a 9 or a 10. This makes me think â why didnât Krauser have a pocket camera as well as the âfrom a distanceâ camera perspective?

Underground seduction, yesterday

Underground seduction, yesterday

There are certain things Krauser does that you would never notice unless they were explained, especially in the nuances and sub-communication, and for the sets I was impressed by, I would watch those again once or twice just to ensure Iâve fully soaked up what I need to learn to allow me to progress to the next level by implementing the same. As mentioned earlier, why not hit the streets for at least 1 or 2 weeks, not necessarily going out every day but having a good range of infields to choose from instead of having to include four sets that in my opinion shouldnât have been included.

He is showing us the kind of ânoâ or âmaybeâ girl in one of these, but I actually think he could have done better in three of them (one was just your typical ânoâ girl), for example not getting the hook point before suggesting a coffee/date/number? Come on Krauser… And not seeming to have built rapport on three of them enough for them to be a solid fuck close, as he does date two of the four but it doesn’t really go further other than a make out.

Iâm being super critical because of Krausers reputation and obvious results in the past few years, which obviously I wouldnât apply to just anyone, but if further explanation is required I would be happy to provide it.


My conclusion is that this product is definitely worth buying especially if like me you are intermediate and so far work hard for the number and then have to work hard for the eventual sex… And because this is groundbreaking in that no one else has so far had the balls to elevate this r-selection theme to this level before, in a way that is relatable, itâs probably the only product out there that will cover both the theory and the practical with conciseness and a few laughs (admittedly Krauser is funny), so I would buy it just on that basis.

The in-fields could have been better â two are bloody amazing and four are really good, but four of them disappointed me… So if those four were replaced with good, solid sets where the results speak for themselves, he could make something already ground breaking âeven moreâ groundbreaking.

The six that were awesome-to-good are worth watching more than once so that you really get the nuances, that wonât ever be explained in a YouTube video and leave you even more clueless as to when you started, so you are basically paying for his own analysis which certainly has value.

The one question remains…. What does Krauser do on a date to secure the sex? Maybe a sequel that covers this is soon on its way to your inbox…. Watch this space

Tom J

Thanks Tom. I hope this stimulates some debate in the comments. Daygame Overkill is on sale and available here. Further discussion pieces inbound soon. You can read more about Tom and watch his infield videos at

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