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Black Book – Intermediate Daygame Instructional Video

September 30, 2015

Many people have said my products are too detailed, too advanced, too complicated, too…… deep.

Fair enough. When I read, I like extremely dense books and when I play video games I like those with many hidden layers of gameplay depth. I’m a systems-builder by heart so every time I learn something new I want to pull the watch apart, examine every mechanical piece, and then learn how to reassemble it into perfect working order. That’s my mindset in life. I’m a perfectionist and a craftsman. I take real joy in the minutae.

Of course not everyone is like that. Some guys want to get to the point really fast. “Just give me the TL:DR, Nick”

Black Book poster

Buy the Black Book here for $99

This was recently brought to light when I gave Bodi an advance copy of the Black Book, my new video product. He knows daygame inside out and we share many personality traits so I thought he’d give me a good second opinion. “It’s very different to Mastery and Overkill” he said, a couple of days later. “When I watched Overkill I was pausing it every twenty seconds to jot down a new note. It’s so dense. Black Book if far easier to absorb. It’s more concise.”

And that’s the whole point of the video. I’ve already put out products which are reference encyclopedias of daygame (Daygame Mastery) and incredibly detailed deconstructions of my best sets (Daygame Overkill). That’s the “high end” of daygame theory staked out with the Team Krauser flag. The problem is it’s really difficult to absorb and you only get the full value of the material if you’re already banging plenty of girls from street game.

But what if you’re still pretty new? What if you’ve gotten the basics down pat and are pulling phone numbers and some dates but you want to get better? That’s where Black Book comes in.

Black Book is a long detailed seminar designed to bump guys up from beginner to intermediate daygame. How do I achieve this?

The big knock against beginner daygame is that it’s robotic, repetitive and often unconvincing. You run around stopping girls and dropping a series of lines onto them, in a structure designed to pull phone numbers out of girls who take a liking to you over those five minutes. It works and you can get laid off it. I did. The problem is that these are just training wheels. Eventually you become comfortable with the basics of managing approach anxiety, running up to girls, getting the body language about right, and having reasonably interesting words tumble out of your mouth.

Great, you’ve gotten started! For the first few hundred sets that’s all you need. Take your baby steps and learn to walk. We made it simple because beginners are so anxious that they can’t hold more than a few tips in mind at once and we need to just shuttle them end-to-end through a few hundred street stops. But now it’s time to start getting laid.

Black Book takes you back through the London Daygame Model but this time it’s at the intermediate level. What does that mean?

  • Creative teasing openers that you invent spontaneously;
  • Projecting sexual intent from the beginning;
  • Unlocking your capacity for interesting flirty conversation;
  • Physical testing on the street.

That’s the first half of the seminar. Now that you’re getting better at game you’ll be getting girls on dates so the second half takes you through the first date game, designed to get the girl home that night. What am I giving you in this section?

  • Dating mindsets to encourage you to push towards sex;
  • A dating structure with advice on what to do in each venue;
  • Verbal and physical escalation ladders so you always know the next step;
  • Calibration advice to know when she’s ready to take home;
  • Subtle body language tips to project sexuality and masculine power.

Black Book is designed to take the handcuffs off you. No longer will you be shackled to the latest opener you read on the internet, or a little routine your wing told you. Black Book focuses on simple principles and hands you the tools to build your own game from them. This is the simplest and most concise way to understand the principles that will give you deep identity-level change in your daygame. It’s time to get creative. It’s time to get sexual. It’s time to have fun!

Buy the Black Book here for $99

See below for what you’ll gain access to. This is a screenshot of the portal after you’ve logged in to your Black Book account.

Black Book content

Buy the Black Book here for $99

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