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Book Update – In Colour

December 7, 2017

I’ve been asked two questions a lot lately. When are you releasing the book? and Will there be a colour version. To the latter question, I can confirm yes there will be. Not only that, Daygame Infinite will only be released in full colour. I’ve decided to bin the B/W version entirely because the colour print is so good there’s simply no reason to own the B/W print.

Here’s a video showing how well it’s printed and why colour is a big step up. While producing the book I made sure to do so with full colour in mind just because I wanted the PDF to look great for my own vanity [1] This means organising a colour print was as simple as researching print options and then testing them. I didn’t need to re-do any art or layout [2]

Pretty nice, no?

So all that remains is to finalise the sales page. I’m using a new publisher so I’m still encountering a few snags. Hopefully they’ll be sorted in a couple of days and I can formally release the book. I’ll put up a new post as soon as that happens.

Don’t forget the book launch event I’m doing with the Street Attraction peeps. Here’s the official promo video for that. George is also launching his book and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a good event with lots of goodies to see. I’m looking forward to seeing those guys again and to see how the London scene is getting on. You can sign up here for just £15 for the full day.

In other news, I decided I’ll do a little coaching next year. These will be high-end residentials in Europe, probably five days a piece. The client will get approx five hours per day infield with me, plus debriefing, inner game work etc. In the past few years I’ve been doing two residentials per year when clients pestered me for them. Might as well make it official. I’ll announce more details after Infinite is done.

[1] It’ll never be released on PDF so don’t wait
[2] Thank god because I’m absolutely sick of this book already, such is the amount of my life that’s been spent finalising it

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