Just as Game is not one strategy for one type of hunter getting one type of prey, the PUA industry is not one type of business selling one type of product to one type of customer. It’s a complex ecosystem.

So you’ve got some good products advising normal men how to get fairly hot girls. You’ve got Good-Looking-Guy game where the instructors are all tall, young, handsome guys who would get laid even without game. Then there’s the dark dank depths of the bottom-feeders…. the Mehow’s, the VinceKelvins, the RossJeffries of this world who empty the wallets of the lonely and the desperate.

I recently encountered a forthcoming infield daygame product* aimed at precisely this market and I kind of see the point. The type of Game I do will not let a short Indian chode bang tall prime Russians. That simply will never happen. It’s so far removed from my reality that it never crossed my mind to actually spell it out…. but then I was watching the marketing guff for this product and realised that probably the biggest market to serve is precisely those at the bottom of the SMP pile. These are the guys who most need the help.

Consider Richie and Eddie from Bottom. There’s a beautiful soliliqui two minutes into this clip on how desperate this life is.

They look at me (or Steve or Tom) travelling the world and clacking pretty respectable women and…. that’s simply unattainable for a £15k per annum low level Java programmer in Milton Keynes or a guy who stacks shelves in Tesco on the night shift in some small Scottish town. It’s easy to take for granted that I live near Central London and can jet off to Central Europe any time I please.

So a guy who looks like them, is almost as uncalibrated as them, getting the occasional girlfriend is actually a powerful motivation. That girl may be a porky 5 and she may demand exclusivity but for a guy who hasn’t even knobbed a landwhale for two years…. that’s still a massive improvement in his life. That porky five will give him attention, affection and if he squints his eyes and turns down the light she isn’t too unpleasant to fuck. That’s okay. Tell the truth, promise what you can deliver.

What does annoy me is PUA scammers who promise these guys non-stop sex with tens. Scammers selling the magic pill and impossible dreams. Guys doing just enough with the sales funnel to get the credit card details and then email a shitty v-log recorded on their iphone. If you want to market to the bottom of the SMP, solve the puzzle. Figure out what they need and how to deliver it.

* not The Girlfriend Sequence.