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Breaking the man-eater: Part 3

September 17, 2010
Since my last encounter with this crazy (and crazy-hot) girl I’ve had two failed attempts at a second date. She’s playing hard to get, busy, and flaked on the two dates we set up. Frame control is a huge issue here as she’s constantly trying to put me through her hoops. The crucial thing about this girl’s psychology is that she has lots of rich chodes paying for her and supplicating to her raw sexual aggression. She desperately needs a guy who won’t pay for shit and will just slap her down. That’s me.
We finally get together on the Monday night before I go to Lithuania again. We’re supposed to meet 8pm but it keeps getting pushed back at her behest. I don’t have enough compliance to insist via text but nor do I want to lose the frame. Thus our texts are like this:
Her 8:41pm: Running behind, 9:30???  [=dance to my tune, chump]
Me 8:44pm: Ok, I’ve not left the house yet. I hope this extra time was spent on looking good…  [I’m not inconvenienced yet. Reframe]
Her 8:50pm: Lmao, spend time on looking good?? Don’t make me laugh! I have a baseball cap on, vest & ripped jeans lol… now why would I go to the bother of even trying to impress you?? lol!! Too funny x  [Loves the reframe, resists]
Me 8:51pm: That’s exactly what I wanted you to wear. Well done. [Condescending reframe]
I’m on time and she calls to say the tubes are off and she’ll be late. It’s not bullshit because there’s a tube strike today and I can here station noise in the background of the call. I figure this isn’t a test so I give some comfort and tell her I’ll wait in a pub. She arrives on a replacement bus 10 min walk away and calls. I give more comfort and wait. Finally we meet on the street in Piccadilly and she gives me a beaming smile and huge hug. Despite all the hide’n’seek bullshit the vibe is excellent in person. We go to O’Neils pub just before a folk band starts playing.
I hold strong frame and she willingly submits. It starts with her trying to get me to buy her food and drinks so I refuse and she goes to the bar pouting. I slap her arse as she walks off. I wait till I think she’s there (it’s busy) and text to rub it in:
Me 11:09pm: If they’ve got Doom, I’ll have that. Otherwise any pint of bitter. Thanks x
She comes back with only her own drink, telling me she left mine at the bar. I go over and am surprised that she did actually buy my drink and tell the barman for me to come collect it (it’s amazing to see how easily she twists guys around her fingers). I hold strong “oak tree” body language and she wraps herself around me and starts fighting for my attention. It’s a great vibe. There’s loads of chodes on surrounding tables who’s thought process is transparent. Something like this:
  • Woah, she’s hot!!! Look at those tits! And that arse! She’s so sexual!
  • Who is that guy she’s with? He’s just a normal dude. Eh?
  • He must be rich and all over her…. but hang on… he’s not. He’s totally ignoring her. She’s so gonna dump him. I’d treat her much better.
  • Hang on, is she trying to wank him off in the middle of the bar?!
  • Did he just tell her to stop it, turn away, fold his arms and start watching the band? She’s gonna go mental…
  • Hang on, she’s pulling down her top and trying to show him her tits. Now she’s licking his ear. What’s going on?
  • *brain explodes*
This girl loves chasing and loves a guy who isn’t easily swayed by her charms. Don’t get me wrong – I reward her and give comfort, but without supplicating. I also verbally escalate the shit out of her. After we finish the food I try to extract. We’re in the taxi before she starts telling me she’s never going to my place, how she has to wake up early, and that she’s on the rag. So the taxi stops off at her place first. The driver is a normal nice-guy black dude, about late twenties. He’s about to get an infield demo of douchebag game.
My girl is flipping between talking dirty and shit testing. As usual. I’m maintaining frame and enjoying it immensely. She gets her tits out. Then rubs my cock. Then asks if I’ve ever had a blowjob in a taxi and starts unzipping me. The whole time she’s looking into my eyes to see if I’ll bottle it because of the taxi driver. I tell her to get on with it. She does. My first taxi blowjob. It’s quick and she’s looking into my eyes, smiling with the satisfaction of a child who has just won a gold star in the maths test, and seeing if I’m embarrassed. I’m not. I tell her to do it properly and push her head down.
Finally we get to hers and it’s clear she really is on the rag (she was loving my finger fuck but insisted with was through the material of her panties) and there’s no f-close. So I pull back and go home. Taxi dude is laughing saying she was a handful, so I give him the full field report from the initial open. He’s blown away and asks for the RSG website address. I’m tired and wanna sleep, but I decide to try some follow-up via text:
Me 1:37am: Now I have to decide whether to have a wank or go straight to bed  [intriguing open, reframe the failure to f-close]
Her 1:38am: Oh, choices choices huh, well if you’re nice to me upon your return, I might wank you myself?? Then let you taste me?? [trying to get me to supplicate to the golden pussy – yet again]
Me 1:40am: So you’re trying to get me to wank while thinking about you? Not very subtle. Sheeeesh! [reframe her as wanting validation]
Her 1:40am: Well treat me nice then you’ll see ucker!!  [accepted – tells me she needs some comfort]
Me 1:42am: Btw, the taxi driver said he expected to see a longer blowjob. I told him it was fairly enjoyable as is, but he disagreed. [fun vibe and I’m not just lucky to be there]
Her 1:44am: Lmao, yeah right!! Tell him I’m glad he enjoyed the show, I always aim to please!!  [playful]
Me 1:46am: Ok, I’m gonna wank over you. Just this once. Gonna try and find a porno girl who looks like you on teh interwebs. This is me being romantic. [reward her blowjob with an SOI, hint she’s interchangeable, joke]
Her 1:50am: Really? You’re being romantic?? Now that’s a major turn on!! Chicks don’t dig brutes! Give me yr email address & I’ll send some naughty pics!  [she loves it]
Me 1:51am: Sweet. [email address]. Do it now, I haven’t settled in  [bossy]
Her 1:57am: Sent, check now x  [3 photos, all naked. There’s one of her bending over and there’s a christmas tree in the background]
Me 1:59am: Nice christmas tree ð got any with your legs at quarter-to-three? [might as well push harder]
Her 2:07am: How about that one? Gosh nothing gets by you, & u certainly cannot say you’re not demanding!!! Go on, where are pics for moi??  [loves it – most guys would be exuding “I’m not worthy” gratitude at getting just one pic. I expect more]
[the “2:45” pic arrives]
Me 2:08am: I like ’em. Good work! [reward good behaviour without giving away my power]
Her 2:09am: Merci beacoup!!
Me 2:10am: I’ve only got videos with me, not pics, and they are mostly of the girls with just a stunt-cock appearance by me….  [oh, the pre-selection…. plus I’m normalising the exchange of pics and future video recordings]
Me 2:10am: Btw, any of you sucking cock or with cum on your face? [escalate, SOI]
Her 2:15am: None of me like that. I’ve sent more though x  [I’m pleased she doesn’t have such pics. For all her predatory act, I think there’s lots of sweetness to her and she’s actually acting out a role following a bad breakup]
[the third mail arrives – funnily enough the file names are [blah blah]35.jpeg and [blah blah]75.jpeg so clearly she’s done a portfolio]
Me 2:19am: Ok, I think I’ve got enough to get started. Gonna enjoy tapping your ass. Feel free to send the other 71 photos over the next week – if you wanna keep my mind off the Lithuanians  [reward her, show intent, assume the sale, pre-select]
Her 2:20am: Lol!!! Have a safe trip!!
I have a wank and go to bed. The big question is: Should I post the pics?

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