It’s Saturday morning and I’m headed out early to begin the daygame session of our bootcamp. I’m feeling pretty good. I get on the underground as it’s waiting at the platform for a signal. The carriage is about half full and I see an extremely hot Black Girl sitting down. There’s no seats opposite her so I sit alongside and try to figure out the best opener. Takes a while and I start to wonder. She’s looking very bitchy and unapproachable – which is bullshit but for some reason it makes me stall a bit. I maintain alpha posture and ignore her, not looking her way at all like I’ve got serious shit to ponder. I catch a glimpse of her boobies trying to push out her white too-tight t-shirt. Massive, and on a tall slim girl. Ok, I’m definitely opening. The train pulls out and the driver announces it’ll terminate in a few stops.

This doesn't quite do her £4k charms justice

I look at her, scanning for anything at all about her that is comment-worthy. The only thing is her leopard print handbag.

Me: Excuse me *indicate for her to pull out her headphones, she does and leans in* Okay. There’s no way to say this without it sounding weird so I’m just gonna say it.
Her: *intrigued* uh-huh
Me: That handbag of yours. Do women realise that when men see anything in leopard print – shoes, skirt, whatever – we think of prostitutes?
Her: *gasp* Did you just call me a prostitute?
Me: Um, I guess I did. I didn’t mean to. *doesn’t apologise*
Her: *laughs*

We get off at the last station chatting about stuff as we go up the escalators. The first two minutes she’s reserved and testing my ability to plough. By the time we reach the ticket barriers she’s laughing and having fun. She claims she needs help figuring out how to get the train to her bosses barbeque so I tell her we’ll ask the staff. While we wait for him finish advising a tourist she says “Oh, I’m so tired” and puts her head on my shoulder.



This girl is too into me to be doing this just two minutes into the interaction. I decide she’s deliberately escalating because she’s a dominant forceful woman and therefore the frame is at risk already. I decide to see her and raise her – something I’ll do alot before the night is out.

I push her away and say “hang on, if you’re gonna hug me I have to check you out first” and then cast a slow appraising glance over her while she giggles. I get her to spin then I say “Yeah, you’re hot. Come here” and pull her back in. After another 20 seconds small talk I say “I like your tits” and she loves it.

We get directions then go through the barriers.

Me: I’ve got to meet some friends in five minutes, so this is where we say goodbye  [not asking for number yet]
Her: *throws herself into a big hug on me, tits pushed into my chest*
Me: Woah, steady on. I’m getting a boner
Her: *laughs*
Me: *touches own cock* Yes, definitely a boner. Stop that, I don’t want this when I show up to meet my friends.

I take her number and she suggests meeting tomorrow. I say I’m busy. Another big hug and I tilt her chin up with my finger and lightly kiss close. She’s really jiggling her tits up against me trying to maintain my boner. I let her go.

If she's selling those puppies, I'll have the one with the brown nose

I’m walking away thinking “what the fuck just happened?” It was far too easy. I actually check my wallet is still there. Later on she tells me that she’d seen me get on the tube and thought “he’s cute, I’d do him” and was trying to nudge me to attract attention, checking my hands to see if I was married, and apparently stared full on for ten seconds checking me out while I was looking the other way. Interesting. I’ve been getting way more approach invitations the past month than I ever used to.

This girl is scary hot. Her face is about a 7, but her body is straight out perfect ten. £4,000 worth of false tits performed masterfully by the surgeon, tight round arse that springs like a rubber ball to the touch, long shapely legs, and flat toned stomach. Perfect.

Text game ensues after the bootcamp:

Me 5:33pm – Woken up yet darlin’ ? ð
Her 5:36pm – Yeah lol, where are you now? x
Me 5:40pm – Back home. Making myself beautiful for a night on the razz. You?
Her 5:45pm – At my boss’s house in [zone 6] for a barbecue… where are you going tonight?? X
Me 5:49pm – Clubbing at [West End Club]. Might be able to squeeze you on the guest list for the birthday party I’m going to there.
Her 5:51pm – Really… only if you’d want me with you?
Me 5:52pm – Yeah, sure. I like you ð Full name needed. Is your surname [joke based on her name]?

She confirms and she’s gonna show up about 11pm. Before that I have the new Japanese girl for a few hours and my plan is to get them competing for me in the club.