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Celibacy Clubs Part 3: Gammas For Christ!

May 8, 2014

Here’s a guest post from Bodi. Go here for part one and part two.

When I started writing this article I racked my brains trying to think if there was such a thing as a male celibacy club. The gang of betas on a night out deliberately DLVing each other to squabble over girls? Not really: it’s just pure mate competition. What about internet nerds, sitting in their darkened rooms playing MMORPGs together? No; the core element of a celibacy club is missing: they are not cooperating together in deliberately excluding females and imposing these shared terms and conditions upon each other.

Men’s desire to fuck is simply too strong. Their whole lives are geared around getting access to pussy. To most men the idea of joining a club where you have to not have sex to join is anathema. Male clubs are an elaborate social-circle or value-boosting scheme to GET sex, not avoid it. Don’t forget that women are stupid and illogical and have poor future projection, so they are far less able to manage the consequences of their own actions than men. In times past this didn’t really matter: they had little control over their own lives and even the most socially retarded cavewoman was paired off by her father and brothers regardless of her most sincere gruntings. NOT having sex as a default strategy was the optimal survival strategy for a cavewoman. The only way round this strategy was either by:

  1. familial  coercion, in which the opinions of her father and brothers were probably likely to be ten thousand times more likely to select a suitable partner than her own fluff-ridden mind
  2. by a caveman so strong and alpha that he actually got past her default strategy: thus the strategy selects a male good enough to defeat it.

On the other hand any caveman who didn’t relentlessly pursue his campaign of gene replication was zapped from the gene pool very quickly. Don’t forget the old broscience statistic that 80% of cavewomen reproduced whereas only 20% of cavemen did: and this is assuming they were all trying like crazy!

The paleolithic carousel

The paleolithic carousel

It turns out I was wrong. There ARE indeed celibacy clubs for men and they are the saddest specimens of all. There are two that I can think of:

  1. Gammas for Christ
  2. Manosphere Jihadies

I’ll go over each in turn.

Gammas for Christ

Those amongst my readership who have attended a UK university will know what an incredibly creepy and sinister bunch the Christian Society type people are.

Caveat: this may not hold true in the US. The UK is far more secular and the only people into religion are old or weird. I was stunned when I first met Americans and realised how many of them were non-athiest and further amazed to discover they weren’t creepy and weird. In America religion seems the casual norm, like it was in Victorian Britain.

Let’s continue. These groups of young Christians, both in and out of University, are usually run by a pack of super-Gamma white males who viciously police the territories of their domain ensuring conformity from all members. What have they got to gain from it? Two things:

Firstly, they are nearly always extremely Gamma. By being Christian and spiritual they get a reason to feel better than everybody else, a Gamma’s true desire. The also get a knowledge system that they can turn their formidable minds to and learn inside out and use to position their status above other people (to wit, explaining to people the “real” meaning of some obscure scripture). Now in these groups nearly everyone is paired up in couples. University campuses provide a fresh supply of deluded young girls to fall victim to the ChristSoc propaganda and then be allocated out as girlfriends to the next repellent, control-freak Gamma chode waiting in line. Allocated out, that is, by the oppressive hive-mind of the average ChristSoc. So you get a girlfriend after all but you don’t get to fuck her. This defeats the point, right? Not to the gamma it doesn’t. Firstly a girlfriend you can’t fuck is better than no girlfriend at all (plus unilateral sexual rejection and constant spurning from the ‘open’ sexual market). Secondly, they get a sweet ego-excuse for not being able to tup her guts. Lastly… get this… being Gamma a lot of these charming gentlemen decide that their way, their secret and superior belief system, is actually the one true way and they are therefore justified in doing anything they want so they then treacherously play both ends of the field by secretly trying to guilt the girls into screwing them anyway. They simply hold two incongruent beliefs at the same time: Gammas can do what they want!

Pretty vacant

Pretty vacant

Post-University there are still plenty of Christian groups and social groups but the celibacy-club aspect of it isn’t so prevalent. Lots of the hotter girls leave to get access to dick and husbands. Membership is swollen by people of all ages, loads of old people and kids. Lots of couples just give up and start fucking anyway but keep it to themselves. However, the hardcore persistant Gamma for Christ still swims in these shoals like an odious stickleback. Why does he persist? Because this group is the fuel for his engine! It provides the ideal conditions for his gammaness to thrive. He gets to continually master the secret system and use it against others (AMOG’ing them with more intricate bible knowledge perhaps) and he gets to reposition himself above others whilst appearing to be benevolent. It also gives him the sweetest fruit of all: a total justification for his own inability to get a girl to fuck him.

This all really happens! It’s not just mental masturbation on my part. I personally know two men, but who do not know each other, whose stories were so eerily similar that it kicked off the whole concept for me.

Both men are extremely Gamma; high-IQ, good job, lack of playerness, obtained long-term girlfriend through manipulation of a system (online dating for one, dance classes for another). Each man has a twin brother who is even more Gamma: a High-Gamma. Initially each set of brothers was totally into the church. After a few years half of each set of brothers started playing some form of system to get themselves a girlfriend and when they hit pay dirt they locked in the girl and then their church activities rapidly dwindled (showing why they were really there in the first place). The other brothers, however, doubled down on Churchianity and increased their involvement to obsessive levels. They both grew their hair long and straggly and stated, I shit you not, that they did this “because Christ did”. It gets more delicious! Each brother then takes up woodwork as a hobby again “because Christ did”. I’m not making this up! And don’t forget: these are two seperate sets of brothers who live in different places and have no connection with each other. Each brother then develops an enclyopediac knowledge of Christian doctrine and then at any opportunity argues about it, pissing off and AMOG’ing more normal church-goers and the priests themselves. They then decided that…. oh God can this get any more Gamma?… that they alone have deconstructed Christianity and see the problems with their Church’s interpretation and they alone have “the correct path to Christ”. And apparently the true message of the Bible involved them doing one thing:

whatever they wanted

They didn’t have to go to Church anymore. They dressed how they liked when they liked. They’d aribtrarily not turn up for work if they “wanted to pray” that day.

You’re probably correctly surmising that these brothers were utter cunts. And they are. And of course they have the little holes in their beliefs that all Gammas do. They both serreptitiously sneak off and try various schemes to meet girls. One tries salsa classes and online dating, fails at both and then delights in tearing them down whenever anyone’ll listen. The other tries online christian dating but declares all the girls are ‘sacriligious whores’. Whores that he cannot, you will guess, actually fuck.

What a pair of loathsome fucks. Pure Gammas for Christ. May he have mercy on their evil souls.

Mansophere Extremists

When I first heard of this mindset I thought it was a joke. Krauser told me someone had commented on one of his lay reports where he described shooting his load on a girl’s face and that they’d said “it showed how little he’d valued his seed”.


The reframe is exquisite: that by chasing pussy you are ultimately a slave to pussy and the truly powerful man will detach himself from this salacious Sisyphean task and concentrate on more erudite and fulfilling areas of his life. I don’t agree. It seems to me a pretty obvious rationalisation to justify not getting pussy. It’s no better than women pretending fish don’t need bicycles. It’s no better than the crazed forty year old cat ladies disappearing into charity work to fill the aching void in their hearts and between their legs.

The fundamental nature of human beings is of males pursuing women. It’s the very essence of human progression. Rejecting the age- long dance between men and women is rejecting humanity. I’m not religious, but if I were I’d say it was ungodly.

It doesn’t mean you have to be a slavering fanny-rat though, perhaps endlessly travelling round Europe, living squalidliy out of a suitcase and with nothing in your life but the next ephemeral hit of a fresh notch; that’s taking it to the other extreme. I’m not anti-monogamy either. I’m not even anti-marriage! I really think there’s a lot to be said for the plan of finding a decent woman that won’t betray you or your offspring, one that submits and seems well balanced, then simply withdrawing from the pussy hunt and getting on with other things in life. It’s just not the plan I personally and currently plan to follow.

What is nauseating though, is guys whom have done this sitting online and then reinventing themselves as manosphere heavy weights. It’s just another form of the favourite American hobby: creating a fake idealized self online and vicariously living through it. They’ll backwards rationalize all the pussy “they could have had” and explain away how they decided not to take it then they’ll relentlessly big up their wife. The manosphere is full of online alphas who never actually go out and fuck any birds *

These married, enchildrened “nouveau manosphere” guys are not the celibacy club I’m talking about. I’m talking about the ones who don’t even get married. That sit in their apartments, reinvent themselves as red pill, perhaps grow a goatee and then just cease the often gruelling and ego-shattering challenge of actually going out and really, in real life, getting an actual flesh and blood young, hot girl to fuck them. Then go online and start spouting about how they are “resisting the feminine imperative”. Pah! Faggots.

* I’ll resist the urge to link specific blogs here

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