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July 19, 2010

Right-ho, this is a trial balloon.

You’re all well aware of my “no in-field = no game” approach to internet scammers pua gurus. I suppose I ought to live by my own code. I was browsing Youtube trying to find infields of the RSD instructors, a thankless task, when I came across a vid of Ozzie having a threesome with two hot girls. Not an actually pornographic vid – just him kissing them in his hotel room and then fade to black just as they were unzipping him. Looked legit to me. So Ozzie has moved up my list of gurus.

So here’s one of mine.

Still not entirely sure about this. There’s a niggling feeling in the back of my skull. Not sure if it’s a hangover or my conscience. Comments appreciated.

UPDATE – Lest I confuse anyone, this is NOT a pick-up video. The post about the initial approach is here. This vid begins when I met her for the fourth date, long after the initial f-close.

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