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Cocky Funny – Examples

July 19, 2011

See these posts explaining the principles behind Cocky Funny. He’s some of the lines Rocky uses in set:

* Letâs pretend we never had this conversation
* Why do I feel like Iâm talking to my future ex wife ?
* (slow down when walking with her so youâre behind) Just checking out your arse!
* Mental note – never date this girl
* â¦.whatever!
* Nice, Iâll give you a point for that… if you get to ten points you get a prize!
* My mum warned me about girls from xxxxxx, but you could be the exception
* what did you do before you met me?!
* Are you married? No! So whatâs the problem then?
* We make an awesome team… imagine our children… that could have your bubbly character and my perfect body… soooo cool, I love you
* For me youâll always be my xxxxxx
* If you buy me a drink you might get lucky tonight
* Itâs tough to be such a sex symbol
* You can be my personal bodyguard – letâs see if youâre strong enough!
* Look, we should go now because I have a date in two hours
* Itâs tough being cute without being hit on…..sometimes I wish I was ugly
* Letâs have a xxxx-off
* Have you ever played imaginary frisbee? (âtake oneâ out of pocket and pretend to play)
* And……back to me!
* Cheers… me!
* Just because I flirt a lot doesn’t mean I put out
* You know, I would really like to slide in here. I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way in.
* Sit down, please. Oh its getting really tight in here now. Maybe we should use prevention.
* You seem a bit tense… letâs get Tequila so you loosen up
* Opener: Oh my god, did you just grab my ass? You know I like it forward, but that’s even too much for me. Come on don’t deny, I saw you following me around
* Please don’t exploit me for my perfect body
* You know I am more than just a piece of meat. I mean, I am well hung and tender, but you just want me for my body.
* Is she always this cold? Your friend has been looking at me like a fat/hungry kid at a hamburger. Can you let her know that I am not on the menu for tonight, please
* You know we really make a great team: you got the character, I have the body. <only if she cut you out before> you have to promise that you wonât exploit me for my looks.
* Ok, I will stay here at the bar with you, but you have to promise that you won’t make a dirty move on me.
* We can have fun but please don’t touch
* You know I work on this body very hard; I go to the gym twice a week, well mainly for sex in the hot tub. <Let them laugh> You know, I’m all waxed. All I leave is this little treasure trail <point at stomach hair> and you know, more women walked down there than on Oxford Street
* You know I’m like cocaine: I am white and addictive and a lot of girls leave the bathroom with me all over their face
* Look suddenly at the floor, she will follow> I know it is hard, but stop looking down there (point at crouch). Keep your eyes up here. You are impossible, at least the last girl invited me for a drink first. <keep doing call back humor on it> You did it again.
* Don’t look at me like that. She: Like what? Well, you just wetted your lips, but forget it, I am not on your menu tonight. She: I didn’t wet my lips! Well, that’s what you say. Maybe you should go and check. She: Ohh, you are impossible! Well, I was hoping for some more romance, too!
* I feel so used now.
* She: I am gonna go to the bath room. You: You know, I was hoping for something more romantic. At least the last girl cooked me dinner first.
* Ok, I will come go dance with you, but I don’t wanna see any of this hip hop booty grinding. You are not gonna win me over like that. We need something more sensual with rhythm and style
* So are you glad you got to see me tonight? <she can’t possibly say no> She: Yes! Well, you could see more of me in the shower. If she says: No. You were not really thinking I was serious… let’s just be friends ð
* Let’s take this slowly, I don’t wanna get hurt. Check this girl out: she is awesome: she is smart she is funny she is in touch with herself, but she has never had a boyfriend
* So why did you approach me in the first place?
* OMG, she just admitted that she slept with over 100 men
* Sorry what did you just say?
* Sorry why was I talking to you again?
* So where are you going later? xyz. Ohh thatâs too bad that means you wonât get to make out with me. Thatâs a real loss for you.
* She: I am thirty. You: What you are dirty?
* She: I am thirty one. You: What you are the dirty one?
* It got laid yesterday night. You: What you, got laid yesterday night. I really donât need to know that (you can also say: I got laid yesterday and accuse her of only thinking about one thing)
* My last name is xx. Do you know what it stands for? Yes, what? Absolutely nothing!


There are two issues with CF and it is very important to know about them:

Firstly, to do CF correctly you need a lot of practice. Unless you are naturally a CF character, like I was, it is not like you can just go out and expect the best results ever. I was CF “naturally” because me and my friends used to take the piss all the time. I say naturally because that’s what I learned before I even knew what game is. Yet, I firmly believe that everybody can be learn to be CF, just as I did. The more you practice the better you get. I have friends that were not naturally CF and over time they learned the skill and mastered it. They are just as good as I am now.

Secondly, I recommend practicing with a few CF routines to get started (like a street opener that you memorise), but to quickly move away from routines, as they can mess with your game: i.e. you get into your head, you come across mechanical and forget to escalate or seduce because you can get stuck in attraction. I got  stuck in attraction a lot because it feels very nice when you have 5 girls laughing with you. However, that doesn’t get you laid. You need to notice when to turn off the humor or you will end up as the dancing monkey.

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