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Coffee Shop Daygame in the Former Yugoslavia

April 11, 2012

Jambone and I have been travelling around central Europe spying out places to live. The original plan was to spend three weeks in Zagreb doing bar and street game but we quickly knocked that on the head when it got cold and rainy from day one. Also, the nightlife in Zagreb is painfully bad – in bars the music is so loud you can’t talk, and in the nightclubs….. good grief, it’s like they are constructing a motorway on the dancefloor. So we hired a car and drove around Zadar, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Belgrade and now back to Zagreb. Happy times.

While in Sarajevo we figured out a good method to bring daygame to coffee shops. We have no interest in boring low-investment indirect game. We aren’t interested in throwing out twenty lame openers hoping to draw a couple of bites. So in times of Gaming need there’s always an answer….. turn to Mystery Method.

A gentleman's place to meet women

Here’s the Krauser/Jambone Coffee Shop Method. It’s just the MM structure adapted for our personalities and the fact we want to establish ourselves in new towns without burning them running around like dickheads street-stopping girls (works great in London, not so much in a small city). It works best if there’s two or three of you. Solo game would need some changes.

Stage One – Target selection

Roll around the cafe district looking for groups of girls sitting with coffee. Best groups will have a table free next to them and also another group (even if it’s guys) adjacent. Busy places are best. You just need the free table next to your set.

Stage Two – Preapproach value

Sit down and completely ignore the girls. Don’t even glance at them. Have a lively conversation between yourselves and hold good body language. Don’t value scan. Start to drop DHVs. Because of our trip it was easy, just things like “Tomorrow, London! Here we go. Can’t wait to get back for Lee’s fight” and “It’s much warmer here than Belgrade” etc. Let your peripehral vision catch the girls’ behaviour. You are looking for signs of recognition that they are listening to your conversation.

Stage Three – Observational Opener

This is like normal opening but you remain mostly indirect for now. The key is to avoid being the boring guy asking a female opinion or specifications on their laptop. The opener should be interesting enough to immediately capture their attention by putting some electricity into them. Depending on your vibe you can go in teasing or with a DHV.

We always started with a pre-frame as follows:

“Excuse me, ladies. I’m sorry for interrupting. Do you speak English? I’m sorry I don’t speak Croation/Bosnian/Serbian… My friend and I are just visiting from London and we couldn’t help but notice that….”

Openers we added on that hooked well:

  • “… you girls are dressed very much like the girls in Belgrade”
  • “… your friend here has matched her jacket to the seat. We wondered if perhaps she is so fashion conscious she chose to sit here”
  • “… your coffee cups are much cooler than ours. We got plain white but you have nice patterns on. Is this some kind of anti-English thing?”
  • “… you are dressed very classically french, whereas you are like a walking rainbow. Your scarf looks like someone dropped a packet of skittles on it and sat down”
  • “… you are in a very animated conversation. It looks like you are plotting revenge against your ex-boyfriends.”

After the girls give back for a while, give them some typical attraction material and then roll off. The roll-off is very important. The frame depends on it.

Stage Four – Open a Pawn Set

Guys are the best for this because they’ve usually seen you open the girls and their estimation of your value shoots right up. Ask them about the best football team in town, or favourably compare one to a movie star lookalike. Whatever, just make it complimentary and not a tease. The guys will usually hook. This creates the most important moment in the set – the TV moment. The girls will usually look with shock and awe at you, like they are watching television. You’ve done a takeaway (“We aren’t guaranteed attention from these guys, we have to work for it”), a disqualifier (“They aren’t hitting on us, they are friendly to everyone”), a DHV (“They are socially savvy”) and now you can start dropping DHVs to the pawn set that will hit the target set.

We talk about travelling, our lifestyles, our friends etc. Usually the girls will open their body language right up and start IOIing hard to get your attention back.

Usually found in a seated position

Stage Five – Ignore Everyone

Go back to chatting to each other for five or ten minutes. You are showing everyone that you are happy with your own company and need nothing. Keep an eye out for any signs like the targets are leaving (e.g. settling the bill). 90% of the time you’ll find both the target set and pawn set trying to find ways back into conversation with you. For example, the men might start talking English to each other or mentioning English football teams. Wait for the right moment.

Stage Six – Reopen the target set.

The player goes to the bathroom this leaving the wing by himself. Naturally he will want to get back into conversation so you have legitimised why he’d reopen the set without hitting on the girl. You don’t need to tease much now because you’re in A3 (male-to-female interest). Start asking genuine questions about what the girls do, what they like etc. Continue to drop DHVs. Work it like a normal set. Do this as long as you feel good interest coming back and no resistance building. Keep rolling off and reopening the pawn set if necessary.

Stage Seven – Close

Usually a roll-off, reopen, then Facebook close is best.

This method is not about getting a solo girl into a dating frame. We were looking to get ourselves “in”s to the local social scene and be “the cool London guys” that they will brag to their friends about. So if we liked the pawn sets we’d close them too. The plan is to keep these sets ticking over on Facebook until we are back in their country or (if the IOIs are super strong, which sometimes happens) to work Long Game to import the girls to London for a week of dating.

There’s no rocket science here. It’s just an easy structure to meet lots of girls without looking like either “creepy street open guy” or “boring indirect guy”. There’s no risk of burning the town because even the uninterested sets walk away thinking you’re just cool social guys. We closed about 80% of opened sets with this and some of quite astonishing quality. I’ll probably put up some videos soon.

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