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Croatia #1 – Warming up in a new city

November 19, 2010

I’ve arrived in Croatia and we’ve just dropped our bags off at Spyder’s place. Time for coffee. Naturally I’m itching to cut loose on the local girls and get my first set out the way. A Krauser girl ambles past so I break my duck. This is how it goes. First thing you’ll notice is it’s not a particularly solid set. I don’t fuck up anything, I just don’t really get the vibe right or bounce of her into good stories. Workman-like. We’d figured it was going to take a couple of days to calibrate to the city so I didn’t have much staked on her.

Nice girl. One in the books.

0:08 – Put her on the defensive immediately, qualifying to a native English speaker. If she’s at all good at English she must value it and therefore aspire to be a natrual speaker. A mild way of framing me above her at something important to her.

0:31 – Physical IOI then skip right into positioning her as just one of many pretty girls.

0:39 – IOI specific to her behaviour (credit: Suave)

0:51 – Leaning in to hear her name wasn’t particularly smart.

0:55 – Finally I transition into a mild tease. Should’ve done this earlier.

1:05 – I’m not really fucking up but a couple of times she’s started to mutter something and I’ve talked over her.

1:10 – She’s started walking off so just a mild push on her hand keeps her with me.

1:27 – Retarded shit she wouldn’t expect. My energy is a bit low and the vibe isn’t really fun. I should’ve started better a minute ago.

1:56 – She starts talking and I talk over her. Not good.

2:04 – I should’ve run with what she’s saying instead of jumping straight to the close.

2:13 – A spontanteous close line. I’ll use this again, it could be good especially on holiday.

2:40 – Compliance test. Order her around a bit.

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