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Croatia #3 – Sexually charged with a banging hot girl

November 25, 2010

Here’s an example of sexually-charged non-verbal displays. Except for the relatively crass opener (which I soften in various ways so I can sexualise without being creepy) there’s not much going on at the verbal level. But this girl was really responding to the eye-fucking and giving it back. She was clearly in sexual state, as can be seen with her crazy neckchain rubbing, and I just wish her eyes were caught on the camera. Very sparkly for about three minutes.

I really though the same day lay was on, until she said she’s on her way to meet her boyfriend. I tried a street kiss close anyway just cos the vibe had been so charged but you see her shy away. Damn. What a hottie.

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Title Croatia #3 – Sexually charged with a banging hot girl
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