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Croatia – Another banging hot tall girl

December 14, 2010

Here’s the last of my videos from Croatia where the girl was exactly what I look for. Got another few vids of shorter fatter girls I might post later. There’s not much to say that’s not in the video. She was the fourth leggy girl I opened that afternoon.

0:09 – I had an opener ready but when she nearly choked on her food in surprise, I just ran with that.
0:17 – My usual preframe tease was unnecessary when I heard her accent. Natural game should be flexible, going with what the girl gives you rather than sticking to a script.
0:22 – Jambone wandering around aimlessly rather than videoing from a distance. Again.
0:26 – The first of many playfully challenging statements because she seems amenable to banter and it shows value.
0:57 – Vibing, starting to move the conversation onto her.
1:31 – Finally I need to root the conversation. I’ve already shown value for over a minute so its easy to go direct.
1:36 – I don’t think you’ll care about getting to that class darlin’
2:11 – Retarded shit in vibing, I’m self amusing.
2:25 – I like to tell girls off for being naughty.
2:42 – Playful qualifying on her cultural engagement.
2:48 – Shit test on my age. This is a confident girl who isn’t scared to throw things back at me.
3:03 – Pretty face I say.
3:23 – Hands on hips to show mock outrage. A nice IOI. These are signs that the vibing has reached its goal and I can mix in some investment from her.
3:36 – This is screening from me. I like girls who are smart but don’t get all hoighty-toighty about it. The fact she plays down her education is a sign of high esteem.
3:50 – But just incase she doesn’t pick up on the subtlety, I drop in my education too. I want her to think I’m a smart guy playing the retard, not an actual retard.
4:22 – A variant of the Mystery “beauty is common” principle.
4:54 – Playful qualification and teasing draws another hands-on-hip IOI. She’s emotionally investing.
5:15 – Snip thread and compliment. Push-pull.
5:30 – She gives me an easy in to a DHV.
5:51 – She’s asking about me and forgetting about her lecture. Good stuff.
6:23 – Another challenge.
6:48 – Treating her like a racehorse or showdog.
6:55 – Lead the thread away from generalities and back to her childhood.
7:29 – Projecting the frame that I’m interested but I don’t care if she doesn’t like me.
7:56 – Comfort and rapport. It’s good to tell the girl something about yourself that she can connect with.
9:08 – I’m probably talking a bit too much now but I’m enjoying the conversation.


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