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Dating the TV Girl

September 20, 2010

I had about nine dates during my week in Vilnius and loads of other sets on top of that so I can’t really do them all justice here, hence I’m gonna be pretty quick on this one. The educational point is in the video – this is all from the first half hour of the Day 2, beginning from one minute after I sat down in the cafe where she was waiting.

I opened by complementing her walk and then teasing on the leather jacket (“where’s the motorbike parked? I bet it’s just a tiny little scooter”). Strong hook and I stood for ten minutes before number closing. It was easy to get her out on the date so we met for lunch. I just wasn’t much into her even though she’s a lovely woman. The texts to set up the date:

Me 10 Sept 3:01pm – Is this HB Biker? The slightly cute, slightly fun biker girl who owes Krauser a coffee (white americano, no sugar)  [Credit to Jambone for spontaneously coming up with this text. I’ve used it alot since]
Her 3:09pm – Yes it is HB Biker. It was to meet you 🙂 have a nice time 🙂  [fast response, smileys]
Me 11 Sept 6:50pm – Hmmmm…. Basketball……  [USA just beat them in the semi final – it’s not clear what I mean and it invites a longer response]
Her 6:55pm – Sad to say… but, i know, tomorrow we will win! 🙂
Me 12 Sept 11:55am – I’m gonna be looking for a girl to have a drink with soon. Maybe a brunette, with a black biker jacket, kinda cute. Do you know any?  [my new way to set up a date when the prior texting hasn’t helped]
Her 12:15pm – Yes, happen to know one, she is right in front of me 🙂 so, I say smth to her? 🙂
Me 12:19pm – Yeah, tell her lunchtime tomorrow she’ll be having coffee with a stranger

Her 12 Sept 12:20pm – Done 🙂 she said ok 😀

Watch the video for how quickly she starts showing interest and how her bodly language softens over the half hour and her eyes fix in on me. Note also how she initiates the kino.

After lunch I tried to extract her for the lay within an hour but she refused so we walked around another hour, hand in hand, while she showed me her favourite places. I tried the kiss close in the street before leaving and she gave me a “not here” refusal. It’s on, but I’m not fussed. She doesn’t do Facebook but I’m trying to talk her into setting up a page so I can Long Game her.

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