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Daygame 2-set: Russian twins

October 2, 2011

Most of the glory in street game happens 1-on-1 when you find a lone girl who is in the right mood and takes to you quickly. That’s the core of daygame and probably 80% of my lays came this way. However daygame isn’t all about hard work, it’s also about fun. Far and away the most fun is doing 2-on-2 with a good wing. You can banter better, tease harder, play off each other, and it’s relatively easy to bounce to an idate. The downside is that it’s technically more demanding and harder to bounce back to an f-close.

Nonetheless I do quite a few of these sets. Usually I’ll be out with Toe or JJ but I’ve also found my vibe fits well with two other wings. We’re all friends and we have lots of 2-sets in the bank so we instinctively know who likes which girl, how to create vibe, and how to signal.

Getting this kind of intuitive understanding of your wing’s game is crucial to the success of the set so you can avoid awkward pauses and fighting over the same girl. Here’s a set I did with John Matrix, one of London’s top street gamers. We’ve been out plenty together doing solo sets but only just started doing 2-sets. Like a new forward partnership in the England team, we haven’t gelled yet. You’ll see what I mean in the video.

Turns out one girl lives here and her twin sister was leaving the next day. That made logistics horrible so this was always unlikely. Add in that John had an appointment half and hour later and the best we could go for was a quick idate and then a delayed full date. Can’t win ’em all, but there’s no way we were letting two smoking hot Russian twins walk past us without having a crack at them.

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