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Daygame 2-set: Young Huns

March 21, 2011

Same old story – I’m out in Covent Garden doing some day-creeping. My vibe is still shitty but I hook a pretty good two set. The target, Persia, is an adorable dark-complexioned 20 year old who responds nicely in a innocent girly manner. I open telling them they are London’s most obvious tourists and if I was a mugger I’d choose them as easy meat. Technically it’s notable only for how I bring in my wing and then do a double-bounce. My wing pretty much let me run the whole set myself so just notice how I keep coming back to him with eye contact and to solicit agreement so he doesn’t bleed too much value with being quiet.

She accepts the Facebook add the same evening but doesn’t appear online the same time as me until a few days later when I strike it up with this….

Me: she’s checking me out…….
Her: what?    😀    what have I done now?
Me: what HAVEN’T you done?    causing trouble all through England    heh 😀    I’m going boxing soon    what you doing?
Her: I have been in England now for 6 days, what are you going to say then in 5 months?? 😀    I am causing trouble in england    you have already said it    ;D    I am going to a pub with some germans and an american guy I had met in the hostel    🙂
Me: you still in London?    I told the Queen about you. She said you have to leave
Her: HAHA you are sooo funny    😛    by the way, I am a very saracastic person    😉    😀    I am getting ready now, when are you going to fly to Turkey?    So, goodbye, I have to go now 😀 bye :-*

I’ve decided I’m gonna play a modified social circle game for this. Bring her out socially when I’m with friends and then slow burn her with passive DHVs.

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