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Daygame book – Cover designer wanted

April 4, 2011

Yes, my daygame book is finally finished. It runs to 35,000 words fleshing out my daygame model and the belief system that underlies it. I’ve got the draft in peer-review with some top fellow daygamers and I expect to have it ready to print within a fortnight.

All except a cover.

Well, I could easily design some functional cover. But I want a badass one. So I’m opening this up to my readership. If any of you are decent graphic designers and want to take centre stage on my book, let me know. I need the cover ready in a fortnight for a hardback 10.75 x 8.25 inch book. Front and back (separate images, don’t need a spine or wraparound).

In return you get a credit on the cover and inside, two free copies, and my gratitude. If you are able to get to London I’ll give you three hours one-on-one, if you prefer. Email me at krauser[at]rocksolidgame[dot]co[dot]uk

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