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Daygame infield video analysis: An intermediate guy

March 14, 2013

I’m aware that six lay reports in a row could make my blog a little one-dimensional. Let’s have some theory….. The community grinds ever onwards and as new guys come through the ranks they tend to set up little coaching businesses, usually a bit earlier than they should. I’ve been guilty of that myself. I keep my eyes peeled, curious to see what these new guys bring to the table. Here’s an infield I saw for the first time last night. I’ll put in a commentary.

Overall I give it 5/10. Servicable. Approach 100 girls like this and you’ll get ten decent numbers, if you’re as good-looking as this guy. It does enough to convert girls who quite like the look of you, are available, and open to the idea of a street stop. It’s how to get a Yes Girl without fucking up too badly. However if the girl is unconvinced or a bit difficult (a Maybe Girl) then the inauthenticity, lack of higher level social creativity, and general lack of electricity will turn her off.

0:05 – Graphics tip you off that these are intermediate guys who are getting some success but still captured by cheesy community values.

0:11 – Look at her clothes and mood relative to everyone else in the shop. She’s showing lots of skin and immediately sparkles. This girl is likely DTF so you should sexualise early and see how she takes it.

0:12 – It already sounds fake and boilerplate but to give him credit he’s gotten his intent out early. The opener is a chance to inject some humour, creativity and make it specific to the girl. So only rely on canned openers if your mind has gone blank.

0:18 – The interview begins, putting the onus on her to do the work before she’s really figured out who she’s dealing with. I prefer to spend more time assumption-stacking so I can take it out of the boring daily chit-chat and put some electricity into it. Vibing is meant to be fun. The fact she accepts the invasive early questioning is another clue she’s DTF.

0:21 – Item one on the cheesy PUA shopping list of phrases. It’s too much of a leap from the flow of conversation. However despite this being a mediocre set so far she’s still laughing and responding well. Mostly that’s expressing pleasant surprise that a man is chatting her up rather than attraction to this particular man but its still a positive emotion so he can work with it.

0:25 – Cheesy PUA shopping list spike #2

0:31 – Cheesy PUA shopping list spike #3. We’ve now confirmed that this set is a fake showy chit-chat with no authenticity or sexual tension. It’s too light, it’s not grounded. He’s going to have to dial that down or end up with a flaky number (he does, a bit).

0:37 – I like his solid unreactive body language and although he’s dressed a bit cheesy-PUA at least he has a look that will polarise girls. I suspect this set is surviving entirely on the body language and balls of opening direct rather than the lame shit he’s spouting.

0:52 – I dislike how clumsy the “tell me about yourself” is, but I also like that its finally introduced authenticity and not trying to be too smooth

0:56 – Qualification, which she rebuts with a question about him. This set isn’t a car crash because he’s got enough fundamentals and she’s the right girl in the right mood. It’s still going well.

0:59 – Rapport laughter from him. There really needs to be some drive-by sexualisation now. The girl seems generally DTF and she’s testing to see if he’ll be the guy who offers her the dick she hasn’t had for a while.

1:24 – This is a great time to get her investing and opening up but he keeps interrupting. Control the urge to talk. My rule is never interrupt her when she’s speaking unless you are deliberately breaking rapport. Whoever is talking is qualifying.

1:34 – DLV about not commiting to surfing and then awkward laugh. When you talk about yourself you should be giving little glimpses of your life as the Most Interesting Man In The World. Don’t overegg it, just glimpses. Control the urge to politely self-deprecate.

1:43 – DLVing again by positioning her above. Now there’s a chance that he’s got a cheeky grin and eyes that say “I’m only saying this because I’m so confident I can patronise you”, so this could be either way. The video isn’t sharp enough to know which.

1:46 – She’s snatching the frame to direct the conversation

2:03 – After running with it, he snatches the frame back with an investment question. Good move. His body language is very relaxed now as he’s realised she’s there for the taking and her momentum is completely killed.

2:12 – Too agreeable. This is where the London School would be giving non-commital nods and say “ok”

2:23 – “That’s awesome”. He’s found a DTF girl who just likes the look of him and now he’s in danger of wrecking it by seeming too impressed with her and too happy just-to-be-there.

2:42 – She’s biting on the qualification

2:54 – She’s rapport-seeking, which is a great sign. Rather than accept and mirror it I’d suggest vacuuming, being an uncommited listener, and saving the approval for the date. This girl is actively trying to get herself laid.

2:58 – He’s totally unreactive to all the people milling around so the love bubble never pops. That’s good work.

3:09 – He’s got attraction, rapport and investment so this is a good time to go for the number. I think this girl has idate and SDL written all over her so I’d have stretched it out another couple of minutes then bounced. But maybe he’s the one with a time constraint, in which case I’d set up a Same Day De-Lay by meeting her later that afternoon.

3:36 – This is an IOI and also a warning that his material is too fake. Throughout this set we are seeing a mixture of good work and bad missteps. It goes to show that if a girl is right for you, you don’t need to be perfect. Anytime he drops the ball, she picks it up and hands it back to him.

3:40 – Cheesy PUA shopping list spike #3

3:52 – Destroying the earlier authenticity and she responds with nervous laughter. You don’t need that overgaming attraction shit when you’ve already moved into authentic communication. It telegraphs a lack of belief that you already have the girl.

So to recap


  • Solid polarising look that distinguishes him from all the schlubs and shows he’s taken care of his image (and is therefore invested in himself).
  • Direct open and doesn’t undermine himself by neutralising that intent and becoming the gay-best-friend later in set.
  • Relaxed non-reactive body language and eye contact. Imposes frame that it’s completely normal to chat to her in a supermarket.
  • Moves the interaction along through vibing, investment and rapport before picking the right time to take the number.


  • Very fake. Almost everything he says is a mini-routine from an internet forum. There’s no flow.
  • Much too agreeable. Where’s the sexual tension?
  • It’s a missed opportunity. This girl was DTF and could’ve been bounced. By failing to see this there’s a good chance she’s disappointed in him and will flake in favour of a man who will give her the dick.
  • Mentally subtract his look and body language and instead focus on what he said. Was there a single ounce of creativity or interesting conversation there? No. He hasn’t displayed high level social skills or given a window into his world either overtly nor covertly.

Videos like this are good for the intermediate guys to compare themselves against. You can see which bits are getting you your results but also see what needs to be eliminated or built upon to get to the next level. This guy is doing quite well and seems to have the right attitude. We’ll likely hear more from him in a year or so.

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