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Daygame Infinite – IN DEPTH review

May 3, 2018

Inquisitive minds will be aware that there is a second generation of London daygamers who were raised on the materials of the first gen [1]. I’m talking about men like Mr White, Craig Cassidy, Ricky Roma, Seven Daygame and many others. One of the most obsessive successful of the second gen is Roy Walker. He’s been hitting it hard for several years now and reaping the rewards of multi-notch Euro Jaunt trips.

I first met RW in Prague when I was in a bad mood. Summer 2016 I think. He and SD were trawling the main street for sets when we bumped into each other so we sat outside TGI Fridays and had a beer [2]. I was miserable company, as I often am first time I meet daygamers on my territory.

bitches in prague

“I’m having the slag in the dark blue shorts”

The next time, I had just stepped off the train from Krakow to Warsaw and was carrying my heavy rucksack to my apartment to check in. I’d been in Warsaw literally five minutes and a local daygamer stops me, “Are you Nick Krauser?”. I wasn’t in a good mood. He made small talk a couple minutes then I walked on to Chmeilna street. Then RW stopped me.

For fuck’s sake, can’t I just get to my apartment?

I was miserable then so fobbed him off with, “let’s get a coffee later”. As it turned out a shower, shite, and change of clothes revitalised me. My grumpiness was shed like a PUA’s integrity. RW and I hung out a bit, winged, and we realised we actually got on well together.

He takes up the story from there….. [click here]

Infinite smaller res cover

Long story short: RW had a good look at a late draft of Daygame Infinite and we had a couple of sit-down feedback sessions in Moscow and Kiev. My goal was to get a solid daygamer in the London style to test-read my book in the context of watching me day-to-day as a wing. I wanted Daygame Infinite to capture my real daygame as I actually did it. It needed to be authentic.

The final version of Infinite has been out over four months now and people have had time to digest it. I’m thus proud to announce RW has completed his in-depth formal review of Daygame Infinite and you can read it here. It’s a long piece and goes into a lot of detail about the book’s content.

Here’s a sample:

By Krauserâs own definition, you should be free-styling and coming up with your own material. So surely you shouldnât need to read a book to tell you how to become âadvancedâ?
The best way to answer that question will be to go through each chapter and highlight the parts that I found the most interesting which I could perhaps apply to my own game, this blog is all about me, after all. Letâs dive inâ¦

RW goes through each section in turn to bring out what it’s saying and how he related it to his own daygame. RW is a perfect test-case because he represents the ideal audience for Infinite: an experienced player who is already having good success and wants to take himself to the next level. He concludes.

Krauser set out to do something that I thought wasnât possible; to teach someone how to be âadvancedâ. His own definition of an advanced daygamer is someone who is free-styling and creating their own new material. This book does a great job of trying to sort out your inner game as much as possible in order to make that stage seem more achievable. It is easily the most in depth piece of writing when it comes to doing everything apart from the actual daygame itself.

So click here for the full review. You can click for the first and second reviews [3]

If you can’t be arsed with reviews and would rather just buy the book RIGHT FUCKING NOW then click here to reserve your copy.

[1] Such as myself, Yad, Yosha, Sasha, and Mr White Van.
[2] I think I had a strawberry milkshake, as I was addicted to them that summer.
[3] Word on the street is Nash is going to write a fourth. I look forward to reading it.

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