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Daygame Infinite review #4

June 29, 2018

Daygame Infinite has been out for six months now [1] and people are starting to form a mature opinion of it. I’ve already seen reviews one, two, and three. Now Nash from Days Of Game blog has written a fourth.

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And my, he’s really thought it through. It’s quite a thorough treatment. So, go and read it over at his site. Here are a few select highlights….

“For serious daygamers, this is top-shelf education. For me, itâs a 10 out of 10. And Iâll add that it is possibly the best combination of theory mixed with examples I have ever seen in pickup coaching.”

Yep, I like that. Is there more? Why, yes there is…

“As you read the opening section, and youâll feel Krauser putting you into a kind of trance, setting you up to absorb his notes on vibe. And as I read those pages while I was in Japan, it had an immediate impact on how I carried myself on the street.”

Indeed, that’s what I was trying to do with the early sections. It’s about helping the reader put himself into the right frame of mind. He has this to say about my section on Pre-Approach:

“I have never seen this material anyplace else, and for me⦠this is all dynamite for game.”

Anyway, check out his full review because he goes into detail on what he thought on each chapter of the book and how he applied it to his game. You can buy Daygame Infinite here (and also the new reformatted colour Daygame Mastery second edition if you wish)

[1] Just about enough time to actually read it all, given how long and deep it is.

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