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Daygame Mastery extract – The Secret Society

December 4, 2013

My new book is a textbook. Every page offers specific actionable advice for what to say and do while interacting with a woman you’re trying to seduce. To adequately convey this advice I need to bring my poor reader up to speed on key concepts and mindsets so I’ve been writing little “box out” sections as tangents to the body of the text. During my chapter on “daygame is dirty” I go into detail about the female’s dualist sexual strategy:

  • R-selection: Acquire high-quality DNA
  • K-selection: Acquire long-term provision and protection.

This reminded me of the first time I ever heard PUAs reference what we now call the socio-sexual hierarchy. Tyler Durden wrote a celebrated post on the Bristol Lair called The Secret Society back when PUAs didn’t really have the vocabulary to parse the concepts but they knew they’d discovered something real. I’ve used this as a jumping off point for this particular box out. So to whet my reader’s appetites here’s an extract from Daygame Mastery……..*

This idate is looking promising

This idate is looking promising

Most men are, in carnival terms, rubes. They are easy marks. They have been brought up in a deeply fem-centric world and all of its delusions. They go to work, earn money, pay taxes, buy products, watch TV and have sex with a tiny number of homely women. Dysfunctional as this sounds itâs exactly what the grand meta-narrative of the feminine imperative wants. Itâs a feature not a bug. Itâs no conspiracy. Most people have bought into the ideology implicitly and women canât even articulate why they want it this way, much less design and administer such a conspiracy.

What matters is the result: Most men donât get it.

Most men donât realise that sex is everywhere. That innocent-looking girl in a woolly jumper sitting in Starbucks reading Proust? Last week she was picked up in Hyde Park by a player who fucked her three hours later in the disabled toilet at Charing Cross Hotel. That Iranian girl with the head scarf and wide blue eyes? Once a month her father pays for her shopping trip to Harrods and she sneaks away to spend the night with a player who picked her up outside Knightsbridge underground station.

There is a world of sex going on underneath our noses. 99% of men have never participated in it and many donât even believe it exists. While waiting in the queue at Whole Foods they see the customer in front making small talk with the cashier as she bags his items. Oblivious, the man saw but he didnât observe. A keener eye would recognise that âsmall talkâ was a flirty indirect-direct ping that raised a smile, followed up by some sparkling eye contact. The player was screening the cashier, giving her a come-on to gauge her interest. Sometimes a cashier gives her number and gets fucked in a hotel room three days later. Then she goes back to work with nobody the wiser.

All women have âindiscretionsâ. These are her R-selected moments. Itâs just that sheâs not having them with the K-selected man so he doesnât even know they happen. There are precious few R-selected men in the world so they act as aggregators. Twenty women may each have only one indiscretion but they all happen with the same man. This is why when you become an Advanced Player you stories become literally unbelievable to the average man. Heâs literally never seen that world. He was never allowed into the Secret Society.

According to the UK Office Of National Statistics, 20% of all females living in the UK are aged between 15 and 30 years old. According to me, approximately 20% of them are a six or better in hotness. Depending who you believe women of that generation will have between 10 and 20 lifetime sexual partners on average. So letâs run some simple maths (itâs a crude sketch, social statisticians beware!):

  • 4% of women in the UK are bangable (20% of 20%).
  • Each of these women will average 1 new notch per year during their bangable window.

Letâs assume half her notches are within stable LTRs with K-selected men while the other half are R-selected âindiscretionsâ, thus each girl has one Player Notch every two years. This means for one player to score 20 notches per year he is aggregating 40 girl-years of indiscretions. Heâs stealing the lunch money of 39 other men. Not only that but we are only looking at the top 20% of the girls. Which leads us to quite a startling conclusion about R-selected men:

The hot girl population of the UK can only support a maximum of 0.1% of men being players before female notch-counts rise exponentially.

Thereâs a reason the society is kept a secret.

* Smarter readers will have observed I’ve given away one of the few extracts of my book which uses ideas that are already public domain. It’s not just the society that remains a secret!

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