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Daygame Mastery is finished!

January 8, 2014

The book is finished.

It’s taken me six months of thinking, writing, editing, soliciting feedback, commissioning art, fine-tuning layout….. but that’s all done now. My layout guy sent me the final PDF today and it’s ready. In a week or so I’ll received a test print from my publisher and, assuming no weird printing errors, I’ll be ready to offer it to the world.

Offer it in stages, that is.

The final release schedule is subject to change but for now I expect it’ll look like this:

  1. Limited hardcover release to London daygamers, late January
  2. Hardcover international release early February via online ordering system
  3. Softcover international release early April
  4. Kindle release Q3 2014. This will only happen if I’m satisfied with anti-piracy controls and a successful paper launch.

So let’s talk about Stage One.

I’d like to reward all the hardworking daygamers of London with a launch event towards the end of this month. I’ll hire a function room somewhere central on a Sunday afternoon and set up a projector. I’ll present an hour or so explaining my model (using my fancy new infographics), how the book works and answer questions. Probably there’ll be a couple of special guests giving short talks too. Consider it a meet’n’greet with extras.

I’ll have some special limited edition hardback copies of the book to sell, which will be numbered. I’ll even sign them if you’re so inclined. This will be a pre-release version with a unique cover, the very first copies anyone will ever see. I’ll pass one copy around for everyone to look at before parting with their cash. I’m pretty damn confident that anyone who lays eyes on this book with immediately begin reaching into their wallet.

first buyer

Price? Haven’t decided. Probably I’ll only bring five or ten copies.

Pre-orders? Maybe. Leave a comment if you’d be interested in paying up front for one to collect in person on the day. If there’s enough interest I’ll figure out how to do it.

All relevant details will be announced on this blog in the next week or so. Time, place, seat availability and book price. 2014 is going to be a bumper year for daygame!

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