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Daygame Mastery – London Book Launch

January 18, 2014

UPDATE: Email guest list is now closed. There may be space for people showing up on the day, but no guarantee.

The meet’n’greet event will be on Sunday 26th January. Email me to be put on the attendance list: [email protected] with the subject heading “book launch”. Cost is £5 on the list and £10 for turning up unannounced. Cash on the door in both cases.

Location will be central London and emailed one or two days before the event, and also announced on the blog. Probably the upstairs function room of a pub. I’ll do it as near to Oxford Street as I can.

There’ll be ten copies only of the book for sale at the event, the same hardcover version shown in this video. Selling £60 per copy. All numbered. Signed if you request it. This is an advance release, so you’ll be the very first people to read it.

The event will feature a talk from me of about one hour and two shorter talks from guest speakers (also good daygamers).

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