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Daygame: Pick Up Girls Everywhere

December 5, 2018

Long-time readers will remember the book I co-wrote back in 2015 [1], Beginner Daygame, which has since been withdrawn from sale. That’s kind of a shame because it was a good introductory book but, well, my mate from Wales wanted to distance himself from me in 2016 so I complied with his request to withdraw it. Since then, my next-most suitable book for beginners has been the older and ever-reliable Daygame Nitro.

But what about a specific beginner-focused introduction to the London Daygame Model? Are there any of those?

No, I don’t mean a beginner’s book from one of the shitty know-nothing “daygamer” buffoons like RSD or Natural Lifestyles, or Johnny Fucking Cassell. I mean a daygame book from someone who (i) understands the game (ii) has a track record of success shagging nice birds (iii) is capable of teaching it in a systematic fashion. Teaching the actual LDM, that is.

Daygame Pick Up Girls Everywhere

My friend and sometime-wing TDdaygame has just released his first book so I’m announcing it here to give it a little boost. You can find his sales page here including a link to buy the PDF. I may review it in the future, but for now it’s just an announcement. Those of you who buy it, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments here.

[1] My part of the “co-” being about 90% of it.

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