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Daygamer Knee

January 31, 2021

Enthusiastic daygamers have experienced a wide variety of familiar ailments during the prosecution of their skirt-chasing careers. The more portly of us [1] are prone to Daygamer Thigh formed by the excessive rubbing together of the flabby inner-thighs when putting one leg in front of the other 20,000 times each day for weeks on end. It’s rather unpleasant to be rubbed raw below the crotch, especially in hot weather. In my fat bastard days I’d get it too and my workaround was to wear longer trunk variants of my H&M boxer shorts. At least then the chafing of denim against skin was softened.

Some other ailments tend to be suffered by only the more stubborn of us. To date, Salman is the only lad I know to have had a severe case of Daygamer Toe. For the sake of precision, lets not confuse this with the similarly named Torero Toe, a tragic condition that occurs when a man with learning difficulties attempts to copy the devil-may-care posture of a more experienced player. So, purely for the sake of clarity [2], let’s call Daygamer Toe by the new name of Salman Toe. This is an inflammation or soreness of the toes and instep caused from daygaming eight hours a day in ill-fitting leather biker boots after all your wings have told you to wear something more comfortable. The short term solution is bathing your feet in warm soapy water every evening. The preventative protocol is to buy shoes that are designed for walking rather than riding motorbikes.

r-selected as fuck but asking for trouble

More common is Daygamer Sole. This is an increasing numbness in the bottom of your feet precipitated by walking on pavement, concrete, asphalt and- God forbid- the cobbled streets of Prague. After a few days of 20,000+ steps you can find your feet bones ache and you lose sensation in them. This is usually a good time to transition to well-cushioned Nikes, or take a day off. Be sure to lie on your bed with your feet up against a wall to let the blood drain out of your swollen tootsies.

One ailment that is rather less comical is Daygamer Knee.

I got this in 2018. Essentially, too much walking around on hard surfaces had made my left knee ache. It was an odd sensation. It wasn’t acutely painful nor was mobility hindered, but it felt like my left leg had walked three times further than my right. The knee felt fatigued. When the condition worsened my knee felt weak and hollow, with a persistent dull ache.

I tried the usual things without success. I changed footwear, took longer rest in the evenings, and even tried a couple of months with drastically reduced average daily step counts. Nothing really changed. I started to wonder if I’d messed up my knee. I was still capable of three/four-hour walking sessions but suddenly my knee health was something to be nursed. My walking capacity was limited by the endurance of my joint rather than my muscles, or fitness, or patience.


I decided to try diet supplementation. First off was glucosamine sulphate capsules, a well-known treatment for joint pain. It helped a little. It took about a week to notice a difference and it reduced the ache by perhaps 25%. That was helpful but not satisfactory. Then my pal Juggernaut suggested daily MSM powder.


This cunt here


It’s cheap as chips on Amazon and comes in big fuck-off-sized tubs. £13 buys you six months supply. Usually there’s a little plastic scoop included. Recommended dosage is 1g four times daily. I mix 2g in a glass of water, once in the morning and once before bedtime. I use the 100% pure powder rather than fancy-dan proprietary mixes because in the latter its the MSM that does all the work.

Results were immediate and satisfactory.

Within three days the ache was almost gone and by a fortnight my knee felt as good as new. There were no side-effects. I could now comfortably handle strings of 20,000+ steps days in succession without flare-ups. When I ran out of MSM and couldn’t dose for a few weeks I’d notice the old symptoms re-emerge, suggesting that MSM doesn’t fix the underlying issue but it is what keeps the symptoms at bay. I’ve been taking it daily since early 2019 and don’t intend to stop.

I strongly suggest anyone suffering Daygamer Knee, or indeed any joint aches, look into it.

And I suggest even more strongly that you buy Daygame Overkill, a fantastic 5.5hour video instructional showing me in-field with hot Croatian girls and detailed analysis of the sets and how to replicate them. Buy it here.

[1] Xants and Thomas Crown, for example
[2] And most definitely not in the hope that the term catches on

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