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Daytime Dating Review

October 9, 2010

* UPDATE: I’ve removed the original review because I think it’s too negative and doesn’t give Jeremy sufficient credit for the social side of his method. Instead I’ve inserted a summary of my thoughts.

Daytime Dating fits neatly into history as the first “proper” daygame book from the London method which makes it historically important as a curio, but also completely outdated as a way of picking up girls. It’s like buying a Nintendo N64 now to see what all the fuss was about with Goldeneye – interesting, but it’s hardly Battlefield or Bioshock.

Students learning the London Daygame Model will typically progress through three stages:

  • Beginner – For the first 500 sets you’re struggling with approach anxiety and everything is new and confusing. The big challenge is to simply open your mouth and make conversation. Thus the advice focuses on dealing with AA, getting some simple fundamental on how to open, and then the basics of making polite social conversation. You’ll only get laid from the strongest of Yes Girls, and it all takes 5x longer than it should.
  • Intermediate – Once you’ve settled into being the chatty guy in cafes and on the street you realise all your numbers are flaking and getting laid from daygame is currently rare and random. So you make the move from social to sexual. The advice focuses on projecting sexual intent, flirting energy, and getting a more conscious control of the process so that getting laid is a direct result of what you do, rather than simply “flipping stones” and hoping for the best.
  • Advanced – Now you’re getting laid regularly and you know it’s simply a case of playing the percentages. The goal becomes younger-hotter-tighter. The advice here is to optimise your game towards r-selection and become a pure Lover so your can pull hot girls fast and in industrial quantities.

Daygame is not as simple as reading one book, doing a bunch of sets, and then you’re getting laid. It’s a long tortuous process akin to learning chess or fencing. You’re trying to juggle six balls at once, so you start with the first, then add the second and so on. There’s no magic bullet.


Jeremy Soul’s Daytime Dating is very clearly a beginner’s book – the content is all about orienting your mind to the very possibility of daygame and then giving a structure to become the chatty guy. By following his advice you can expect to get through your first 500 sets without too much trauma. You probably won’t get laid, but you’ll probably not get shouted at either. Then you’ll realise the positive (your social skills have improved, you’re “doing daygame”) and also the negative (it’s unwieldy, inefficient, and is just a route to collecting flaky numbers).

This territory of teaching terrified noobs how to make polite five minute chats has since been conquered by Andy Yosha and Yad with their products. Thus my earlier statement that Jeremy’s book is interesting primarily as a curio. The business of teaching guys how to get laid from daygame has passed them all by and is currently best exemplified by my video instructional Daygame Overkill which includes all the theory and ten infields showcasing what real advanced daygame looks like. When you’re ready to move to Intermediate and Advanced I’d suggest my own books Daygame Nitro and Daygame Mastery respectively. Those books are about getting laid and they fully incorporate the advances the London Daygame Model has made in the six years since Jeremy Soul last put up an infield.

So no I don’t recommend his book but Jeremy has rightfully earned his place in the history of daygame as an early pioneer and the first guy to write a book on it.

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