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Defining higher beta

November 21, 2010

Higher betas get laid. They are never really in control of it, don’t score outside of their class, and remain prime targets for divorce rape. But nonetheless, a good-looking smart financially stable interesting guy is still a good catch for most girls.

Girls learn, especially towards their late twenties, that they simply can’t tie down an alpha. Girls with good impulse control don’t even especially chase alphas – they’d rather have a higher beta who shows occasional flashes of alpha. That’s essentially the perfect guy. So what does he look like? Roll tape……

What makes this beta?

The definition of a higher beta is a man who does all of the beta things, but does them well. So whereas a normal beta is a bit pudgy, the higher beta is gym-ripped. Normal beta earns $50k in a cubicle, higher beta earns $150k and flies business class. Normal beta buys his clothes on the high street, higher beta wears Ted Baker and Diesel.

What makes them beta is their heart. They still look externally to society to tell them what is cool. They want to follow the trends. They want to fit in. They want society to pat them on the head and say “good boy!” There is no ladder in which the top rung of the beta ladder puts you within arms reach of the alpha ladder. It’s a class difference. A difference in type.

I’m not hating on them. I used to be a higher beta. Most of them will live reasonably happy lives, until the divorce industry chews them up. And the 50% taxes. And the cultural Marxists. Personally, I think the golden age for higher betas was 1980-2000. The world is changing. The civilisation they built, supported and benefited from is being torn down by the barbarians at the gates and the traitors within. We’ll see.

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