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Do looks matter? – Mr Potato Head edition

May 2, 2011

As men we are primarily attracted to women for their beauty, that being a proxy for health and fertility. The twin-attack of beta social conditioning (trying to get girly men to obsess about their looks) and psychological projection (assuming other people believe what you believe) means many men assume good looks are necessary to bang the hottest girls.

Well, I believe there’s a simple acid test to whether a guy has game:

Is he fucking girls who are physically better looking than he is?

I see many guys leaving clubs with girls where he is clearly a couple of points above her on the looks scale. He’s got no game, is my immediate unassailable conclusion. It takes no game at all for a male 9 to pull a female 7. All it requires is some intent and avoiding the most outrageous fuck-ups.

But if I see a fat guy with skinny legs and a pasty face walking around with a hot girl, or a short fat criminal who looks like Hitler’s nerdier brother with a hot girl……. then I think the man has game. Below I’ve appended a video I shot this morning with my latest girl. She has just informed me she is a stripper. She has good looking guys hit on her constantly. I ask her to comment on my good looks.

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