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Do you want to be taken seriously?

July 30, 2013

It’s commonly known that when surveying people about their sexual habits and history women will understate and men will overstate. File that in the drawer marked Obvious. Add internet anonymity and suddenly every man is ten feet tall, pulls in mad stacks, and is balling it with dimes.

Mad stacks and dimes, yesterday

Mad stacks and dimes, yesterday

Well in America, anyway. To paraphrase Robert E Howard*, “I’ve never met an American who wasn’t fronting.” Usually I don’t mind such bullshitters because I mentally subtract three points from the girls they claim to be banging and long before I learned Game I never accepted the Argument From Authority. If you want to convince me of an argument I expect to see true premises (supported by evidence) woven into a conclusion with valid argument. I don’t care who is presenting that argument.

I know within thirty seconds of meeting a man if he’s doing well with women. I’ve met a bunch of name coaches, under-the-radar players, and bloggers of repute. Of those I know who has it and who doesn’t. I can’t say the same for commentors. So let me offer a little deal.

If you want to pull the argument from authority and be taken seriously on the basis of that alone, you must prove yourself to be an authority. That means you must send me ([email protected]):

  1. A photo of you that is representative of your SMV
  2. Photos of the last three girls you fucked (for free), with a note of when you banged them
  3. Your lifetime laycount and also over last twelve calendar months.

This information will be accepted on an honour basis, so I’ll take you at your word. I figure liars and weasels will easily trap themselves in later comments. I promise to keep the specifics you provide private unless you give me express permission to publically mention it. I won’t share the photos (even if we have a subsequent heated disagreement) and if I refer to your laycount it will be vague. I’ll simply make occasional mention that I saw your evidence and where I rate you.

This is the only way I will take you seriously. Any other attempts to position yourself as a player will be met with derision.

This is entirely optional. Feel free to decline the offer. You are still welcome to comment. You will still be judged on the quality of your comments. Just don’t expect anyone to accept “trust me, I bang hotties” type positioning. Top that, motherfuckers.

* “I’ve never met a wrestler who wasn’t champion of something” from a classic Sailor Steve Costigan story.

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