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Easter Sunday daygame

April 4, 2010

I ambled into town today and couldn’t get any wings out. It suddenly occured to me that I’m so used to having the RSG guys around that I haven’t done a full solo daygame session in months. Hmmmmm. After reading for a while in Starbucks on Oxford Street I walk downstairs and do my first set on the way out, figuring I might as well get some variety to my usual Covent Garden street game.

Very pretty and very smart. A rare gem of a girl.

She doesn’t really hook but laughs and smiles a bit. I’m working on AFC game today – decided I’ll not really DHV and I’ll talk about some nerdy stuff. Kind of break a few rules. This girl has just come from church and is pretty religious. OK, that won’t go anywhere, especially in front of her fellow church-goers. I try for the close and don’t get it.

Walking along Oxford Street I see a half-decent girl and give chase. Once I stop her I realise she’s super cute. Again I’m low energy and not trying to run DHVs. She has lots of residual momentum so she’s quite a tough stop. First I have to put both my arms out to block her. She stops for a moment then walks on so I have to glue my feet to the pavement as I turn and rely on the handshake to bring her to a halt (it’s a patterned response that girls find hard to refuse because it would seem so rude not to). She still tries to walk off but I can see the front/hindbrain conflict so I just call her back. I guess I’ve DHVed three times with the soft dominance and she softens a bit. With the benefit of hindsight I probably should’ve kept this set going alot longer but I’d let her impose the frame of being in a rush and once I’d stopped her momentum I didn’t switch gears and make it a full length set. Still, I get the Facebook and its real.

I only do three sets, because the last one turns into a 90 minute instant date. She’s one of those girls that didn’t impress me much initially and only just creeped above my approach threshold, but then once we chatted  her feminine manner took over and I found lots that I liked about her. She seemed to ease into talking Russian history so I just went with it. She complemented me on my own knowledge so I thought fuck it – it’s AFC day – so I start lecturing her on Austrian economics and the credit theory of money supply.  She’s listening really intently and starts IOIing me when I explain how FAS 157B gives investment banks the ability to lie about the liabilities on their balance sheets to pretend they are solvent. Hmmmm. Thanks Mish.

Here’s the three approaches edited down to a ten minute package.

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