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England vs Germany: Warm up

July 2, 2010

I’m out in London Bridge with Jambone and Moran to see us stomp the huns. It’s an absolute scorcher so I’m in my new daygame uniform that neglects a blazer and thus has nowhere to clip my spycam. Not to be outfoxed by nature I do have a back up – sunglasses with a spy cam hidden between the lenses. Before the match we do some approaches. My first is a Bulgarian (see video). She stops well and is IOIing good, adding plenty to the conversation. I keep the set going while Jambone is a few metres away with the shady spy shades gabbing on the phone for cover. Easy number close and we fall into texting.

Walking back towards the station I see HB Thai coming around the corner in short shorts. I neglect to set up the camera but run a good fifteen minute set. I’d have bounced her but she’s on her way to see friends for the game. She’s been here seven weeks, to study English. I move her from the pavement into a shop doorway and run light kino related to muay thai. Strong hook and an easy number. More texts follow and I date her two days later.

Coming out of that Jambone is in set with a tall Portuguese girl so I put the shades on and video him number closing. Barely is he out of set when the hottest girl of the day walks past. She’s a Londoner but has a Moroccan / North African look about her. My opener?

Krauser: Hi. I had to come over and say something. You were striding down the street, really feminine and I thought to myself – I’m not sure how to say this – but you walked like a whore

HB London: *amused* I’m not.

Krauser: Yeah, that sorta came out wrong didn’t it *solid eye contact, not remotely backing down*

She hooked strong, as you can see from her pussy-tingling leg movement in the video. Yes, she’s the one in the green dress. What a fantastic arse.

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