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Estrogen Slug

July 22, 2013

It has given me great pride over the years to introduce a few new terms into the manosphere lexicology. Nothing earth-shattering and some, like Avoidance Weasel, are not even my own. But I’m claiming this one.

Last winter while in Thailand I noticed a trend in nightclubs wherein a group of six or seven slim university girls would be huddled / dancing around a high table and seated amongst them would be a fat smooth-skinned male student with manbag, ill-fitting shirt and glasses. He’d be buying the big bottle of liquor the girls are making merry from. And he wouldn’t get even a kiss for his troubles. Back in England I see more troubling examples. Mostly chubby Asian dorks being led around by the slim pretty girls who’ve LJBF’d them.

Just look at this guy. Lost, dazed, confused. Shuffling around indecisively like a lost panda bear. His pants recently shitted.

Then I noticed there’s black, white and wop equivalents. Like a herbus maximus. So let’s consider the defining features:

  • Smooth blemish free skin that’s never been soiled by stubble nor moustache
  • Chubbiness that doesn’t quite reach obesity but enough for the cheek fat to Japanicize the eyes
  • Ill-fitting, cheap plain clothes often with white trainers and a backpack (sometimes worn backwards, across the chest)
only semi-reversible

only semi-reversible

Just imagine a male baby drenched in estrogen since suckling, perhaps with weekly dialysis to remove pesky testosterone build-up. He’s not a herb. Herb’s have castrated themselves with lifestyle choices. Estrogen slugs literally have a hormone imbalance. They are the polar opposite of narrow-hipped hairy-armed manjaws, the yin to their yang. But never ever seen together. This is what the modern Cartman-esque lifestyle of junk food, video games and porn can do to you.

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