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Evolution 4: Transformation

May 4, 2010

Part Four of Four: Key Changes To My Game

Here’s a summary of the advice I received during my one-on-one when we were reviewing my in-field videos:

– Make 90% of the conversation about her, 10% about me.
– While it’s fine to beginning with jokes, I have to move past that into rapport within a few minutes.
– Don’t try to close every girl. It’s bad for my inner game over time.
– Don’t pay any attention to her good/bad response in the first minute. Just plough.
– Stand still to create magnetism. Don’t follow the girl or try to keep her. If she wants to leave it shouldn’t affect me so don’t pander to her whims.
– Put a statement of interest on the end of every personal observation about her.
– Don’t force her to carry the conversation in the early parts.
– It’s good to comment on her nationality but find ways to personalise it so I’m different to all the other guys.
– Be careful about showing disinterest in my body language. The vibe is I am interested but if she leaves – so what? This is more authentic
– Crossing her legs while standing is her way of settling into the interaction.
– Within a few minutes of the instadate I should sit her down and build rapport. Once she starts giving away her real self I’m in.
– Try not to fall into her loops. Reframe and put the interaction on my terms.
– Be creative in my phrasing and make it about her, even if I’m doing all the talking.
– Within ten minutes I can directly suggest the instadate. No need to overcomplicate it.
– Number closes / instadates normally fail to happen because there’s not enough rapport before the ask
– The instadate should be 80% rapport, 15% fun and 5% sexual
– If there’s no sexual undercurrent then verbalise it to create sexual tension.
– If there is a sexual undercurrent then don’t verbalise it or I’ll destroy it.
– Figure out three physical attributes I like in a girl and write them down in a way that is interesting to talk about, conveys sexual interest, and shows appreciation for the effort a girl put in to have those attributes.

Here’s some of the interesting things he said or did in set / in field:

– If you don’t have a good vibe with the girl, try to create one. If it doesn’t stick just move on. No need to try a close.
– If the vibe is good but she resists giving her number just argue the toss – “Why wouldn’t you give me your number? We’re having a fun conversation and we’ve got a good vibe”
– Open with a specific compliment with relatively timid body language. The strength and masculinity is expressed very subtly.
– 2 sets open with “[to obstacle] Hi, is it okay to say something to your friend [to target – normal compliment opener], [turn back to obstacle] I’m so glad I said that. I was quite nervous”
– On the instadate verbally escalate with a sexual comment followed by “I’m a man. I just have to say things like that when I see a beautiful woman”
– Forget bad sets almost immediately. Barely allow the memory to register.
– It’s fine to open under pretty much any circumstance, including girls walking towards you, if the opener is superficially gentle / implicitly strong.
– A good opener doesn’t look like a big deal. It’s almost like saying hello to an old friend.

Body language advice:

– Be directly in front of her so you occupy her whole vision. If you’re there, don’t move off to the side or away because it’ll weaken the vibe.
– You should show direct engagement and interest. No need to play it cool with the leaning back and cock pointing. Your vibe shows the alphaness.
– Don’t put hands / thumb in pockets. Keep your hands free so you can gesticulate naturally. It’s more authentic
– Don’t lean in. Stand straight up like “if I can’t hear you, no big deal”

Advice on the frame:

– You are not the cool guy trying to impress her with your coolness. You are being authentic.
– The street refreshes with new girls every minute. Don’t be fussed about any one set.
– Gaming hot girls you are genuinely attracted to is easiest because its so authentic and the sexual tension is real.
– Plain girls may reject a sincere compliment because of their low self esteem and may also feel overwhelmed by the attention.
– So girls are just cold and mean, or nice girls that you caught in a bad mood. Don’t take ownership of it.
– Most girls by themselves on a weekend are single. That’s the time taken girls are with boyfriends.
– Even the hottest girls are rarely hit on in the street, especially by someone competent. You really stand out and are much rarer than she is.

The three physical things I like:

– I love your flat stomach. Your silhouette has that nice slender curve from the width of the hips in to your narrow stomach. It’s such a pleasing curve, and then there’s the springiness in the muscle tone, like how you can prod it with your finger and the muscle springs back like a rubber ball. When a girl moves I can see the ripple of the stomach muscles underneath. It’s so hard for a girl to get a flat stomach. You have to be careful what you eat and exercise. But its worth it because I think it’s so sexy. It’s so satisfying just to hold my hand there. Its a similar feeling to holding my palm against a girl’s hip. It just feels so natural and pleasant, like you are doing what you are born to do.
–  I really love the colour and texture of your skin. Young fresh skin has a special shine and smell. I can tell you’ve been outdoors alot. You probably eat lots of fruit too. As a man I find it really sexy to look at the soft puppy fat under a young girls skin – in your cheeks, your arms, and of course your legs. There’s something about that softness, it’s so different to a men – the masculine muscle and rough skin. Girls skin is so much smoother and just nice. Your skin is lovely to look at and to touch. I imagine if we were in bed one afternoon, with the sun streaming in through the open windows, and the light bouncing off your skin. I could just lie there for hours, admiring you. I think it’s really sexy.
– I love your eyes. I think you can see a person’s character in their eyes and yours are so bright and open. They look really big and you have these lovely long eye lashes, and the colour matches your eyebrows and hair so well. I don’t know why so many girls pluck their eyebrows and then paint them back on with a pen. I find it so sexy when a girl has deep natural eyebrows, the perfect colour for their eyes. Your colouring reminds me of coffee. You have these sexy dark eyes and dark eyebrows but then a ligher coffee coloured skin. When I look in your eyes it’s addictive. You can only have eyes like this if you are a nice person.

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