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Facebook Abundance

September 28, 2010

Here’s a screen capture of my morning Facebook chat in Starbucks while I was sipping on my coffee.

Morning coffee

HB Brazil – She’s a street pickup in Piccadilly when I was out with Suave. Had a 30 minute crappy Day 2, then a proper Day 3 last week and a walk around Camden Market on Sunday (where the photo was taken). Kiss close, she’s into me big time, and coming round the house to get drunk tomorrow evening. Full post and video to follow.

HB Muslim Virgin – She’s on maintainence pattern until her next visit to the UK. I’ve banged her already. This chat ended with her promising to send a sexy photo.

HB Vampire – A Romanian waitress I street gamed in Trafalgar Square months ago. Weak hook. I’m playing the Long Game through Facebook, experimenting with heavy douchebaggery. She’s got the gypo look, which I like.

HB Finland – My most recent f-close. She’s visiting in a few weeks so I’m just building comfort and hand.

HB Frenchie – She’s gone off to university across the other side of the world. I like her alot so I’m being very nice to her, while planting the seeds of threesomes and porno videos which she’s surprisingly receptive to. She’ll be back in December

HB Salsa – Still a fair amount of work to do if I’m gonna get her to visit London this year. Still doing plenty of attraction.

HB Italy – Another quickie Facebook close with a weak hook. She’s back over there now so playing the occasional chat to build comfort, just on the off chance. Not investing much and using it to try out new ideas.

Gypo Vamp. I love it

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