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Facebook Escalation: The large-breasted Romanian teenager

August 10, 2011

I’m taking some time off right now, working on a few new things. I’ve still got plenty of archives to post, so I’ll put some up. Got a few old lay reports too.

While I’m out with Moran and one of his students back in February I do a quick demo set on two stunning girls walking together on Oxford Street. I go direct and get the older sister’s permission to take the 19yr old’s number. They are super excited and giggly about the whole thing. At the time I’m kinda intoxicated by Romanian’s beauty and rate her a 9 because she’s exactly my type in every possible way – at least for the initial ten minute approach.

It takes a few weeks but we have a date which goes well. She’s acting like she can’t believe it’s really happening and how could she get so lucky. Nice. So I kiss close her at a pub at late lunchtime and it’s really on. But I have a pre-arranged consultation with Skeletor for 3pm so I have to snip it short. No problem, I think.

The third date never happens. She flakes twice and the second time is as I’m on my way to the bus stop to meet her. I’m angry, my core says “dump the bitch” so I tell her to fuck off. I don’t care, I’m feeling pretty abundant around that time. I forget about her.

A few months pass, and I send her a feeler text. She responds well, so I decide to move it to facebook. She adds me and messages. We have a brief chat then about midnight the next night (a Tuesday) I get into a second chat. Bearing in mind I’ve already kissed her and confirmed sexual attraction, and I can’t be bothered with time-wasting, I escalate hard and fast using my new Facebook Escalation Method. Watch….

Me: oi!

Her: [half an hour later] hi


Her: [kiss face]

Me: awwwww…. that’s cute I can’t do the “kiss” face maybe there’s a “grab tits” one…

Her: ð

Me: what you doing now?

Her: watching a film ð

Me: a girly movie?

Her: no ð i’m watching a romanian movie

Me: I don’t mean porno-girly, I mean girls movie

Her: ‘Ho Ho Ho’ ð about christmas ð

Me: I think Ho Ho Ho is probably a porno about three prostitutes

Her: :)) yeahhh

Me: I’d be the pimp

Her: ð

Me: anyway, stop talking about sex you pervert

Her: yes yes yes always me :d ð

Me: you’re a naughty girl I’m gonna tell my mum she warned me about girls like you!

Her: ð ok tell her she will never let u out :))

Me: She said… “Be careful of those brunette Romanian girls” “especially the young ones that look like a hamster” “they are all sex maniacs” thats what she said

Her: i’m not brunette anymore ð

Me: ?

Her: look at my pics from romania ð

Me: can’t be bothered are there any with your tits or ass in them?

Her: ð i dont know ð but u can check ð

Me: oooookay which folder?

Her: [folder name] and [folder name]

Me: ok if they are rubbish, you have to email me a good one checking….

Her: ð

Me: [folder 1] = rubbish ð checking other folder ….

Her: :))

Me: who got married?

Her: my oldest sis

Me: nice ð congratulations

Her: thnx

Me: but photos are rubbish [my email] send me something good

Her: ð i dont have good pics

Me: you have a camera. take one now

Her: ;)) i dont have camera ð :))

Me: you have a camera phone

Her: what kind of pic?? ð

Me: something sexy, with your tits or ass in it not naked I don’t know you well enough for that

Her: :)) let me check in my computer

Me: ok

Her: done

Me: checking…..

Her: [kiss face]

Me: ok, got ’em thanks

Built to fuck

Her: ð are not that good but….7

Me: they are fairly good one of you kneeling in sand is the best one

Her: ð

Me: tits look good

Her: i know always look good

Me: don’t be so proud, woman! lots of girls have nice tits

Her: why not?

Me: ð

Her: ð not nicer then mine ð

Me: I’m not so sure about your ass though

Her: :)) it’s not the best photo…

Me: yeah sure…

Her: i know i have a bis ass ð *big ass

Me: I didn’t really notice when I met you anyway, pretty good photos I’m sure you can do better though

Her: ð thanks i will one day ….7 …..

Me: 7?

Her: nothing ð i was pressing the wrong button ð

Me: so when I met you we established you are girly, quite cute, but also a bit silly

Her: just a bit?? ð

Me: these photos confirm quality tits and as-yet inconclusive about the ass is there anything else I should know before we meet again?

Her: i dont know

Me: are you likely to stalk me? I didn’t like my last few stalkers

Her: dont know

Me: you don’t know much do you? ð

Her: ð that’s me ð

Me: Can you handle alcohol well? I’ve started drinking rum and coke recently

Her: ð yep i’m drinking only vodka with coke or cherry juice

Me: big words for a little hamster I’ll drink you under the table

Her: noooo ð oh…. i think…. yes ð u are british ð so u are drinking more than romanians

Me: I just bought a bottle of Captain Morgan last night it’s already 1/3 finished ð in fact, I might pour myself a glass right now…

Her: i want aswell

Me: you’re in [extremity of greater London] though, right?

Her: [zone 3]

Me: ah, I remember not so far jump in a taxi

Her: ;)) im going to sleep now

Me: wus but ok

Her: because tomorrow i’ll go shopping ð good night and sweet dreams ð

Me: you too darlin’ ð

So I’ve set the frame, got some fairly good compliance (mainly the photos) and made no bones about my intent. As expected she balked at the initial come-on. Better the pushy asshole than the timid beta. My value remains high, the vibe is good, and she’ll be back.

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