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Facebook Game: Osama Bin Laden is burning in a Christian hell edition

May 4, 2011

I’m still expecting to deflower this virgin but I wonder if our hostile chat is conducive to the goal. See this recent chat. After a long argument with Croatian Mouse, where she is having a go at me for fucking a muslim virgin in the ass….

Me: yeah whatever     there’s a world of difference between the Bible and Koran    I dislike both, but the Bible is not a savage 7th century murder manual
Her: it’s Qur’an
Me: it’s bullshit, is what it is
Her: go read a Qur’an
Me: I’d rather eat dogshit
Her: it’s just sad you don’t understand the differences between the cultures…    you hate indians as well maybe?
Me: No. I’ve got no problem with Indians, or with Hindus and Sikhs
Her: ..just Muslims, cause they believe in something that’s obviously a pure bullshit?
Me: no    I don’t mind that Islam is bullshit. ALL religions are bullshit    I mind that Islam is evil, expansionist, savage bullshit
Her: oh, Islam is just worse that others?
Me: yes
Her: Islam is NOT evil
Me: Muslims are not evil. Islam is evil
Her: try to study it a bit…    I got that point
Me: take your clothes off
Her: still, you’re so very wrong    you know, every time I speak to you…it just mostly makes me wanna hit you…but that would turn you on, so…that’s all just lame
Me: it’s because you’re attracted to me     Girls say “I didn’t know whether I wanted to hit him or kiss him”
Her: you’re not an option. and once upon a time I even thought we could be friends, but obviously girls are not good friends, so….there’s nothing between us, and it will stay this way    you just never say something that would surprise me in a good way
Me: send me a naked photo then
Her: you think you’re smart?    you think you’re a good person?
Me: I was the smartest person in school in everything, every year
Her: you think you’re an alpha?
Me: I know I’m a good person    It’s not for me to judge if I’m alpha – only girls can decide that
Her: I just don’t like you
Me: that’s ok    you can still suck my cock

On a related note, I was in a Facebook chat with my latest Brazilian girl while I was writing this post. I accidently copied and pasted the post heading into the chat with her. Oops! So, I’ve changed the title incase she googles it.

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