This was a ten minute number/facebook close on Oxford Street in early January. We haven’t dated yet. Treated as a normal set this is a dead one – she wouldn’t come out on a date. But I liked the girl and I’m practising different avenues to reach the cock-into-fanny position. So I’m gonna long game her and see if I can either social circle her or just get a late-2011 fuck from her when logistics become favourable.

I'm not scared

This next chat takes place over two hours. The whole time I feel the girl is uninvested but feels some attraction. After all, why chat for two hours when there’s no attraction and I’m not throwing validation at her? So I persevere for the intellectual challenge of trying to invest her. She gradually goes for it.

My frame is that she is a beautiful/low-esteem girl and therefore needs to be lured with banter, strength, and false disqualifiers. I need to be a challenge and different to the long line of higher beta supplicators that fill her coffers with tips every night she dances. This girl’s job is playing men for validation and the money that brings. I must be different.

So I tease close to insulting and I decide any time she calls me out I will stand my ground without backing down. I’m still at the stage of Long Game of being “the guy on facebook she chats with”. They all break eventually.

Me: I’m having a party in [Bar district] tomorrow.    Come along, bring some friends  [non-needy, not a dating frame]
Her: tomorrow i work    sorry   [denied. short uninvested answer but more polite than ignoring me altogether]
Me: no prob    I like your new profile photo    You look sexier  [it’s a photo of a yapping little puppy]  [tease her vanity]
Her: lol    thanks
Me: There was a dog like that on my street when I was a little boy    I used to throw stones at it  [expand tease to move into a conversation]
Her: what!!!!!  [hook]
Me: It was noisy    little dogs like that always cause trouble   [imply she always causes trouble and I don’t like her]
Her: realy you are crazy for me not is fanny do that  [shit test]
Me: I like big dogs. Like siberian huskies  [pretend it never happened]
Her: yes its nice
Me: I like wolves. Huskies are almost wolves    Do you have normal photos on your facebook?  [challenge her vanity again. I wouldn’t come out this hard on a girl who started off giving me normal attentive answers]
Her: yes    why??   [girls hate open loops concerning vanity]
Me: Every photo is in a club, wearing nothing    like a barbie doll  [imply but don’t outright say that she’s shallow and that I disapprove]
Her: no i have photo whit clothe and outside of club  [she qualfies, but only a little bit]
Me: I saw one where you look like a carrot  [snip and move]
Her: lol
Me: I don’t like carrot    I like potato  [I’m not attracted to her]
Her: its a sliping bag    lol    me to dont like carrot dont worry about that  [more mild qualification]
Me: Are you a stripper?    I prefer librarians  [my third strong challenge to her, to a normal girl this would be a beasting but I think she is so used to being validation that it requires a relentless attack]
Her: no i m not streper im dance  [she’s a scantily-clad pole dancer for clubs. She definitely wants the legitimacy of being a dancer so I’ll withhold it]
Me: proper dance? like contemporary, jazz, hip hop etc    In fact, I don’t care.    I’M the best dancer in the world  [outright telling her I dont care, but playful]
Her: haahahah lol   [hit. It’s all about being different to the supplicators]
Me: like Elvis, Justin Timberlake, and Kermit the frog    [her name] dancing. I found it on youtube…. [clip of Yogi Bear and Booboo dancing]
Her: you are yogi no??i  [This is five minutes later. So she watched it – good sign]
Me: smarter than the average bear
Her: aah good  [she’s rewarding me]
Me: If we dance together, I’ll do all the cool moves    You just shake your ass to collect the tips    then give the money to me    and maybe I’ll buy you a milkshake  [future projection where I get one over on her]
Her: not thank i dont need you for do tips beliveme  [she thinks she’s pushing back but really she’s qualifying on her dancing ability]
Me: Are you good at playing the guys? Naughty girl…. -10 points  [I know she doesn’t want to be considered a player. This is my fourth neg / attack / rapport-break]
Her: mmm i think you mistake about me you dont know me but dont worry i forgive you because you are men and all people knows that the brain men its small  [anger is a form of investment. She’s testing me and trying to position herself above]
Me: It’s WAR!!!!!    England vs Spain    We are now enemies    Next time you dance, I’m gonna sneak into the dressing room and put itching-powder into your costume  [tease, reframe]
Her: are you sure?? you want war with a woman  [likes it – IOI]
Me: I’m not scared of little blonde girls    That’s like being scared of a puppy    or a mouse    or a chipmunk  [tease]
Her: hahahaha lol
Me: But don’t worry, I won’t spank you    I don’t like your ass  [false disqualifier]

An ass nobody could like

Her: hahahah ok
Me: Ok, so Little Miss Dancing Chipmunk    You tell me you are more than just a dancer    Do you have examples of stuff you’re good at?  [It’s a high point, so I try to qualify her harder]
Her: excuseme is it a interviu???  [shit test, but also a sign of non-compliance. She’s not rejecting me, she’s just not playing along]
Me: aha, defensive    all bark, no bite    like the little dog on your profile  [reframe the rejection to put the blame on her]
Her: yes of course i not bite  [she softens]
Me: I’m writing a book right now. What are you doing?  [I realise I’m telling her nothing about me and there needs to be some comfort. It’s often good to offer comfort after passing a shit test and her playing nice]
Her: woooow its good you can speak with me and write a book both congratulation men!!!    hahahahaa  [she’s bantering back which is good, as are the hahahahas]
Me: grrrrrrrrrr    (that’s my angry growl)
Her: lol why are you angry??    you think that im stupid blond girl and im not angry  [she still wants the vanity loop closed]
Me: I see only the blonde hair and the stripper photos.    I’m not judging you. I’m just curious that this is what you show on Facebook    When I met you, you seemed very different. I was actually very surprised at your facebook photos    I expected you were a librarian, or teacher, or art student or something  [this is all true. I’m trying to bring it closer to rapport but without surrending the frame, hence it’s a deeper topic but I’m still challenging her]
Her: first not is striper photo [she really wants to be considered a dancer!] ok and second some people can do teacher librarian or student    and dance in the night but its posible for you its to much for understand  [she’s biting, it’s investment]
Me: nope. I dated a dancer for 9 years. I know all abotu it    She was very smart, lots of interesting hobbies. And she also danced    I understand    BUT    you don’t tell me about your non-dance things. so what can I think?  [not backing down, showing pre-selection and knowledge of her world]
Her: I dot know you can think what you want  [shit test, but she really is only mildly invested. She really could take it or leave it with me. She has a ton of options]
Me: You ARE angry    :O  [so I reframe her and unable to leave it]
Her: hahahahaha no  [Hit! IOI – low esteem girls flip from anger to fun very suddenly]
Me: Hey, [her name]. I wasn’t trying to insult you    I find you interesting    We friends again?  [give some comfort. I’m a challenge, not an outright arsehole]
Her: hahahahahaha    realy im not angry  [reduction of defcom level]
Me: cool    +5    Are you doing anything exciting tonight?  [stack into normality]
Her: yes!!! work!!! lol
Me: busy girl
Her: yes    and you???  [she’s much closer to liking me now]
Me: I’m lazy    I’m gonna do some boxing, then play video games with friends  [finally I throw in a DHV, but disguised under a disqualifier]
Her: are you boxing?
Me: When I lived in Japan, I had lots of fights    Now I just teach my friends  [DHV]
Her: that fine  [no idea what she means by this]
Me: I enjoy it
Her: i dont like boxing i prefer others sport

Conclusion: She’ll be alot of work and I probably won’t bother. However, girls like this if you keep irregular contact will occasionally give you the “Hey, whatcha doing tonight?” call. Just stay in the game and a percentage of them become available. It’s what facebook was invented for.