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Five Girls, Five Days, Five Finger Fucks

September 11, 2010

Didn’t even realise I’d hit a personal record until I was singing in the shower this morning and it hit me: I am Tony Ferrino!

Monday: I’m with the (1) French girl on our last day of her visit to London. I fuck her when we wake up and then while out shopping I’m fingering her on the street. She’s giving me the doggy dinner eyes so I take her home, dress her in a Neo Genesis Evangelion costume with knee-high leather boots and fuck her again. She’s on the afternoon Eurostar so the (2) Thai comes over to fuck

Tuesday: I finally go on a Day 2 with (3) buxom black girl. Still can’t close her but I finger her in O’Neil’s bar in Chinatown and she gives me a blowjob in the taxi to her place. There’s a separate post coming on this date.

Wednesday: Travelling to Lithuania. No girl.

Thursday: Evening date with (4) Borat girl ends with me fingering her at the bus stop while she furiously rubs my cock. Too much LMR for the f-close this time.

Friday: Second date with (5) Finnish girl who I couldn’t even k-close on the Day 2. This date ends 4am in a dark alleyway with her wanking me off while I finger her. I f-close her the next night. Perhaps I’ll do a post about this date.

Sunday: I read the news. Wash my hair. Polish my shoes.

Plenty of other stuff going on too so maybe I’ll flesh out this post when I’ve got time. Got a couple more dates today so perhaps I’ll go six for six.

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