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FR: Advanced Boot Camp

September 28, 2009

I decide Iâve had a couple of months to consolidate the lessons of my first boot camp. Iâd done eighteen day game approaches by the end of the camp, whereas Iâm up to almost 200 now. Night game Iâd done 22, now Iâm up to over 80. So Iâve been bedding it in, not rushing to get more tuition until Iâm ready.

I go back to Sarge School cos of the positive experience from the last one, the low price, and my plan to get closer to the guys involved to get more mentoring from them. Pretty much every one of the guys has something excellent to offer in advice and role modelling.

Walking out after the seminars with my assigned coach I tell him I want to work on dominating big sets. He pushes me into a mixed 10-set outside a pub. No target, just warm up. I do the superhero opener and it’s fine but one guy breaks off the group to talk to me and I’ve basically lost the set. I talk to him a few minutes then pull the ripcord.

Then I ask directions from HB2 lady walking down street. Not counting that as a set. It all gets disorganised as I end up getting some chips while the coach drops stuff off at this house and we get a lift in to Jewel.

Subzero and Prize are there and have been giving me a long accomplishment introduction with HB7 Japan. As I’m introduced (with strong social proof) she figuratively jumps me. I handhold lead her into isolation within a couple of minutes and lock in against the wall. Looking over her shoulder I see the SargeSchool guys giving me the thumbs up on my progress. Soon after Ace comes over to DHV me and whisper “kino” into my ear. I follow instructions then sit her down for more leaning back alpha language. Sure enough she’s leaning in and chasing me. I find it easy to work the alpha stuff when I know I have attraction.

She takes me the rest of the night and we have a Day 2 on Sunday which goes quite well. She’s actually prettier than I thought once I see her in the daylight.

Saturday we are back in Jewel and I do more sets but really don’t feel it. There’s HB4 seated 2-set that blow me out immediately. HB7 Amercian 3-set hooks and I neg them hard and run the set well. I eject strong but seem to lose my mojo when I reopen. Don’t bother going for the close. I also open HB5 Black 2-set with Ace and that’s good for 10 minutes then I make a big mistake in talking too long and too logicially about something and I see her eyes glaze over.

I spend most of the night just picking the brains of the coaches, particularly Ace and John who have the types of persona I want to model.

John takes us out in a small group and it’s good to get feedback from him. He’s the closest thing to a daygame master that I’ve met and I like his attitude. It’s interesting how much I’ve progressed since that first tutorial he gave me on the Basic boot camp three months ago. I can’t remember all the sets but was about ten. I was opening well but really stale and failing to close. Ace subsequently gives great feedback about how my kino was non-existant and needs to be timed to create NLP anchors.

German blonde 4-set starts me off and as soon as John points them out I run over and open. Don’t hook, but I just approached a moving 4-set with no AA. That’s progress. While we wait for a couple of people to turn up I open HB7 Irish brunette who stops to chat for ten minutes but no kino and no close. I stop HB8 European outside the market with a direct opener and get another ten minute chat with no close, then run right after HB8 French waitress for another short chat. I’m really happy with the ease of my opening but the lack of closing is toying with my mind.

I have ten minutes with HB8 Irish Actress and am quite surprised I can’t close. But it’s still productive because of the feedback from the coaches.

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