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FR: Boot Camp

December 7, 2009

Friday 4th December 2009 and it’s another boot camp. I’m only booked in for the Saturday but I’m hungry as I leave work so I decide to stop by the host pub for food and a hello. Inevitably I end up winging for a student. Jambone has my entourage game business cards which look awesome. We head to Piccadilly.

My student doesn’t need too much pushing into sets. Sometimes he makes ridiculous excuses to avoid opening, but other times he just goes right in there. I demo a few times, starting with when it’s a tight squeeze to get through a channel:

Krauser: *taps obstacles’s shoulder* Hmmm, not sure how I’m gonna get past
Obstacle: *moves out the way* blah blah
Krauser: Ok, I’m gonna have to give you the crotch or the arse. Which do you prefer?
Obstacle: *laughs* The arse.
* I squeeze past and then as if as an afterthought I turn back and engage the target*
Krauser: I have to ask. Those earings. Are they a family heirloom? My granny has some just like them.

Set opens, I bring in the student. Later in the night he has a good bit of isolation with one of the friends. I do a high energy opener on a 3-set of Australians at the bar. It’s the usual opinion opener but what’s notable is I maintain high energy, dominate the interaction, neg plenty, push them into bratty kid sister roles etc. Fun set. I try to bring the student in but he’s quiet. He tells me later he just wanted to observe how I do it. Fair enough.

We debrief that set outside in the smoking area and when we come back in the girls are putting their coats on to leave. I walk over and hug them all, doing my usual “No, boobie-to-boobie hug” getting a good laugh. I haven’t really done any comfort and haven’t isolated the one fit girl. But I do give her one of my new cards:

Krauser: Are you fun?
HB7: Yeah, of course
Krauser: Ok, I believe you. Listen. I put on parties in this venue every month or so. We’re starting the new season next month. It’s fashion blah blah [seed / DHV].
HB7: *interested*
Krauser: Here’s my card. Check out the website.
HB5: Hey, can I have one
Krauser: No. You’ll just cause trouble. *to target* Don’t bring her, ok? I’ve got a reputation to maintain here and she’ll just be dancing topless on the bar all night.

Seeing as I’ve totally excluded the obstacle, I’m a little surprised how well she takes it. The other interesting set of the night was opened by the student. A two set of Essex girls. I give him a minute then come in to wing. The obstacle is actually really hot, a slim 20yr old blonde. I neg her, DHV etc and hook pretty well but my head isn’t in the close (hasn’t been for a few weeks now) so I let it stall out after about ten minutes. A mistake. She was really hot.

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