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FR: Instant date in Westfield

October 26, 2009

Sunday 26th October and I’m well-rested after two consecutive nights of good sleep, having foregone nightgame. Chris suggested Westfield shopping mall and while initially hesitant (for no good reason other than unfamiliarity) I agree. I’m there by noon, reading “The Power of Now” in Starbucks. I do two situational openers to warm up, first asking a Brit HB6 about coffee, then the HB6 Pakistani seated beside me about her Blackberry. The latter is a decent conversation but I don’t try to transition it into a pick up.

Chris shows up with his usual enthusiasm and we go right to it. I like his attitude. He’s raring to get into his first set and opens the first girl he sees, a seated HB4. He’s done a few before I get started for real. I see HB7 Brit walking down the mall and open as usual. She hooks and is nice but for some reason I’m at a loss for words fairly quickly. She’s not discouraging me, it’s all in my head. I’m just a bit stifled. I eject and Chris immediately asks why. I can’t give a good answer.

Next set is a tall HB8 Canadian. She really enjoys the experience but shows her engagement ring. It’s a rule that I’ll steal girlfriends but I’ll never steal fiancees or wives. I chat a little more and let her go. I’m pretty pleased cos all four sets were pleasant and polite, in stark contrast to the clutch of rude girls yesterday.

Chris gets a good open and while he’s in set I spot HB8 Tall Romanian go past. She has all the ingredients I need: Hot, tall, eastern European, walking slowly, inviting. I just know this’ll be an easy stop and lots of fun. The chase takes a while because she’s weaving through a crowd but as soon as there’s daylight in front of her I pounce. My standard opener.

She hooks good. I’m nailing all the alpha behaviours so it’s an easy bounce. I seed it first, talking about an ice cream stand I saw earlier (painting an emotional picture of it) then lead her to it, engaging her mind with questions about her favourite ice cream. It’s the first bounce I’ve done in a while. I get her to sit on the stools while I pay and we chat. She’s gradually relaxing and opening up, starting to have the confidence to joke around with me.

On the Day 2

I try the rollercoaster NLP routine but it’s only a mild hit. She’s a bit negative on London life and I find out later that she’s recently broken up with her ex. I put in pre-selection triggers talking about my dancer ex and so on. She’s so clearly happy to hang around that I lead her to Starbucks and throw in a cube routine that she rates 9/10 for accuracy. She wants me to do the cube on myself so I take that IOI as an opportunity to go of to the toilet and telling her to watch my bag, before I return to do the routine.

Chris pops by to observe my conversation then ejects himself after ten minutes or so. I’m practicing a few things like telling her off (“Don’t distract me. Can you be quiet for 20 seconds, until I finish?”) and inadvertently spit my food onto her (I recover while an unconcerned alpha “I really ought to stop doing that”). I’m trying to do footsie under the table but it’s not quite coming off.

I suggest shopping and try to hand lead her out the cafe but it doesn’t stick. I think she just didn’t realise what I was doing so it’s no loss. I’m really thinking I have to escalate kino or it’ll peter out. Finally I get excited by a shop and just grab her hand, lightly, to lead her in. She goes with it. Excellent. I alternated push-pull on the handholding for the next ten minutes until we are ready to just walk around arm-in-arm constantly. I learned a good handholding gambit there.

I get her to dress up in long leather boots and trenchcoat, continue playful teasing (e.g. asking shop staff which of us is tallest) and she’s being very girlish. She’s laughing the whole time, eyes sparkling, and trying to keep up with jokes of her own. It’s a wonder to behold because it ramps up my alphaness massively and she responds with even more girlishness. This chick is 5’9″, hot, curvy and would probably scare the hell out of most guys – but she’s acting like a 12yr old girl around me and I even manage to get away with kicking her up the arse on the escalator in Zara.

After three hours in set I decide I should break. I’ve been future-projecting alot (e.g. in a shoe shop: “Ok, imagine we’re going to a cocktail party. It’s really posh and I’m wearing a tuxedo. You’ve got a beautiful dress on. We walk in holding hands and everyone looks at us. What shoes are you wearing?”) and seeding the idea of a Day 2 in Camden and Primrose Hill.

I’ve been pathetic at getting kiss closes. This girl is clearly ready for one. So I try a new gambit I picked up on an AFCAdam dvd. We’ve just swapped numbers and I’m standing in front of her holding hands. I indicate her to kiss my cheeks. I lean in and kiss on the left, then the right. I hold eye contact then lean in and kiss on the lips. Sorted.

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