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FR: Learning to bounce and lead

September 10, 2009

August 18th, 2009. Day game on Oxford Street leads to three nice number closes as I was trying to work on my leading.

HB8 Italian model
My standard opener, I jump in front of her and go direct saying she’s gorgeous and asking about something on her outfit (she had a purple hairband, purple laces in her converse, and a purple belt in her hot pants). We are standing by the traffic lights just fluffing but it’s a burning hot day and we are right in the sun. So I move her across the road into the shade and lock in to a lampost. She gets out her water bottle to sip:

Krauser: Here, gimmee a drink of that
* she hands it over, I take a gulp *
Krauser: That’s warm. C’mon we’re going to Boots. I wanna get some juice
* elbow lead her away *

She’s given me a time constraint of meeting some old friend in 20 minutes to go get her tongue pierced. She tells me she’s in London for 3 days for a photo shoot and travels alot around Europe for her shoots. I work some light kino, move her around a bit, and get an easy number close and a hug. 20 minutes in set. I later find her on google:

HB7 SanFran Media Girl
Normal opener, in a quiet square behind Piccadilly. Two minutes in I lock in against a telephone box and her body language follows me. Lots of mirroring and questions about me. She gives a time constraint:

Krauser: What brings you out today?
HB7: I’m meeting a few friends in Carnaby Street
Krauser: Soon?
HB7: Yeah, I’m already late.

We chat another couple of minutes and I try to pre-empt her by saying “C’mon let’s go this way” and lead her where she was gonna go anyway. She more or less thrusts her business card onto me (with her mobile on it) and says she’ll be in Sweden a couple of days for work but back later in the week. 15 minutes in set. I find her on Facebook:

HB7 Japanese student
I’m sitting in Pret at Covent Garden twenty minutes later with my two wings. I see an Asian girl at the traffic island outside, looking like she’s trying to figure out where to go. Standard opener, softened a bit cos she looks a little timid. A couple of minutes fluffing standing in the traffic island. She likes kickboxing and we talk about our favourite fighters, I get to DHV about my training and the fight shows I saw, and speak some Japanese.

Krauser: I’m thirsty. We’re getting coffee *points to Cafe Nero across the road and elbow leads*
HB7: Un. [yeah]

I take her order and send her upstairs to score a seat. 20 minutes chatting, making her qualify. Then I take her to the market to help me gift-shop for my nephew, then down to Embankment to lie in the park. I keep moving her around, like when we get to the end of the street I grab both shoulders to point her in the right direction and then give a playful shove in her back, when she’s walking on the traffic side of the pavement I put my hand on her hip and push her across to the “safe” side saying [Tarzan style] “That side dangerous. This side safe”. Stuff like that.

Krauser: Are you a good cook?
HB7: Yes
Krauser: Good. I like a girl who can cook. It shows creativity.
HB7: I used to cook for my family alot
Krauser: If we have that picnic at Primrose Hill, what are you gonna cook me?
HB7: [thinks and lists some possible dishes]

Its a two-hour instant date but she’s meeting friends for dinner so I send her on her way.

Lessons learned
First time I’ve actively tried dumbass leading [i.e. little things with no real purpose], moving girls around even if it’s just across the road, and trying to bounce several locations to get the time-distortion. I’m quite amazed how compliant they are. Not a single lead failed.

Ok, my big sticking point is endgame and day 2s. Italian HB8: I wonder what’s happened here. I’d seeded the idea of getting ice cream at 31s and she seemed agreeable. I call her the next day on her business mobile (she also gave her private number):

HB8: *unintelligible Italian – maybe hello, maybe not*
Krauser: Hey, it’s Krauser. What you up to?
* click *

What’s that about? Shit-test / brush-off / working & can’t take call ?Seemed fairly solid yesterday so I wasn’t expecting it. I wait ten minutes in case it was something dumb, but she doesn’t call back so I text “Hey, it’s rude to hang up like that”Assuming I hear nothing back, and she’s only here 3 days, I think that’s it. Next.

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