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FR: More night game

October 5, 2009

Friday 11th September, just noticed a few notes about it on my laptop. I started at Zigfrid with Subzero and Instinct. Can’t remember a great deal except that I wasn’t in a very good state.

First off I number close that Latvian 2-set in my lunch hour and swap some texts during the evening trying to get them out for the nightclub (they are only in the UK for the weekend). It doesn’t work out but I get a double Facebook add.

Having overdone Cargo lately, we start at Zigfrid – I warm up on a 2-set of blonde brit HB5s with the superhero opener. Can’t be bothered. It’s pretty dry in there so we head to Cargo

These are in no particular order, it’s all a blur.

Blond HB6 in biker jacket is occasionally wandering around the beer garden losing her friends. Prize opens her but can’t hook. Next time she passes through I go direct, handhold and sit with her about five minutes. She’s pretty dull and probably pissed. Prize reopens her later.

I apocalypse an Indian 2-set. One smiles and seems to like it, but the mother hen next to her bitched. With the benefit of hindsight, I shouldn’t have apoclypsed so loudly in front of my two wings. It probably came across rude and forced her to defend her honour publicly.

I apocalypse a Brit seated 3-set. Quite a fun little banter:

Krauser: Hi. What are you girls doing right now?
3-set: Blah blah
Krauser: What’s the odds of you coming home with me for a [points to each in turn] for one… two… three…. foursome?
3-set: [shocked pause]

Mother hen: How many shots will you buy us?
Krauser: I don’t need any shots. I’m ready to go.
Mother hen: No, how many shots will you buy us?
Krauser: Dunno. How many of my shirts will you iron?

I couldn’t be bothered to plough. They’d hooked, but were only HB5s and I wasn’t in the mood.

I apocalypse another 2-set HB6s but didn’t hang around then a 2-set HB6 frenchies with normal direct game but didn’t hang around. Jap HB5 and Canadian HB6 are opened with superhero but I ejected when I couldn’t transition and couldn’t be bothered to wait them out.

I apocalypse a Brit HB5 dancing and she gives me my only bad response of the night. 2-set HB5 waiting outside toilet take the apocalypse well and try to banter but I can’t be bothered so I politely eject. Seated 3-set lawyers HB6 respond well to the superpower opener and I get a number close and Facebook, which I add a few days later. I initially opened with “lend me your jacket, I’m cold” and sat at their table and ignored them, but reopened a few minutes later

I spot 2-set americans where the UBF is suffering a poor AFC game attempt so I apocalypse her friend. Decent response but again I don’t plough. Really not in the mood tonight.

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