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Frame control battles in Facebook

May 9, 2011

My Brazilian is doing more push-pull. She hassles me for a date on Sunday night and then cancels an hour before saying she’s tired. Ok, whatever. She’s been like this since the moment we met. I log on to Facebook and within thirty seconds she hits me up. Remember my rules for this seduction. This is pure frame control.

Her: bom dia!     oiii     see you tmrw? 🙂   [She always opens me]
Me: grrrrr     rrrrrrr     rrrrrrr     r    [immeditately snatch the hoop and take the conversation off in my direction – playfully]
Her: what happens?     bad mood? 😀   [wondering if it’s because she cancelled the date a few hours earlier, so I have to squash that reframe]
Me: it’s my wolf noise
Her: i know! hahaha     terrible    [IOI – picture her sitting alone in her room at her laptop with nothing much to do tonight. I’m the warm end of the pool, triggering positive emotions with mere text]
Me: are you not scared?     I could eat you     [keep running off in my own direction, leading]
Her: you shoud see my face right now
Me: I can hear your teeth chattering    [from a Raymond Chandler book]
Her: yeah! I’m really scared! :p    what did you do today?    [IOI then rapport-seeking]
Me: lunch with friends     a few drinks     it’s been hot again     my head is gonna be like a tomato     [let her know my day didn’t suck because she cancelled, then stack]
Her: love this weather! Sooo good!!     we need to go to the park very soon again!     i’m in needy to sunbathe     too white     [she’s chasing, wants more of me….]
Me: are you gonna make sandwiches?     […and I’m not easily caught. Set her a hoop where she is submissive]
Her: me??    [Mild playful shit test to see if I back down. It would be accompanied by an incredulous look if delivered face to face]
Me: you’re the woman    [man-woman frame, give her my expectations that she can either satisfy or fail]
Her: ok! You buy everything and i make the sandwich     what do you think? 😉    [she accepts]
Me: Hmmmmm     perhaps     maybe you’ll poison me    [so hammer the frame harder, playfully]
Her: maybeeeee     so be NICE!     and dont forget the beers 😀    [she likes the banter]
Me: no, I didn’t mean deliberately poison me     I think your cooking is probably so bad, you’ll poison me accidently 😛     I’m watching a Nicolas cage movie tonight    [finish this thread and then stack before it gets stale. Note I haven’t asked her anything about her day]
Her: which film?
Me: [link to Drive Angry trailer on youtube]     badass!
Her: very you!     bad bad..    [Big IOI and rapport-seeking]
Me: I’m in the movie    [I like the blatant cocky self-aggrandisement like what WWE wrestlers do in promos. But it must be tongue in cheek]
Her: hahaha     tell me     who are you in the movie?    [playing along]
Me: the tough guy
Her: wait     i need to go toilet    [ten minutes later] oii    what are you doing?   [she feels the need to inform me of her movements so I won’t wander off. This is different to a girl who simply disappears for 10 minutes without notice]
Me: lying down on my bed with Bongo [my panda teddy. Paint an image of me in bed, reminding her of last time she was over]
Her: how is Bongo? Missing me?    [she likes all these silly games]
Me: he doesn’t like you     he said you’re a bully    [push]
Her: why not?     i like him   [resists push, wants to be close]
Me: you threw him around     he has two black eyes now    [release]
Her: hahahaha     i was just having fun with him     he’s cutee     a little bit dirty     but cute     i bet you never took him a shower    [adding value]
Me: I use him as a sponge     what you donig?
Her: talking to you and watching videos     i’m feeling very very lazy today
Me: that’s everyday for you
Her: shut uppp     i’m working a lot 😛     need a rest     and i spent all this weekend out i just got home    [I feel like the attraction will stall out if I keep it spinning, so I’m ready to move into some rapport]
Me: what we you doing today?     *were    [next eight sentences are rapport]
Her: went to spitafield with a friend     i spent all my afternoon there     really cool     have you been there?
Me: yeah, a few times     there’s a few good bars and cafes
Her: want to go to brick lane as well     es     yes!
Me: for curry?
Her: for curry?     why?     its is not a market?
Me: yeah, but it’s most famous for all the curry houses
Her: hmmm     i dont like much
Me: Japanese curry is better     I’ve been cooking that recently     with tofu, carrot, potato, over rice     mmmmmm
Her: hmmmmmm     you gonna cook for me?   [more chasing from her]
Me: if you bring dope, yes     or beer    [snatch the hoop]
Her: 😛     be nice at least once
Me: I’m not good at being nice     I try     but it’s not natural     😛
Her: you woke up my belly     i’m hungry
Me: jelly belly
Her: iron belly     lets go to [pub name] tomorrow?    [the third overt attempt from her to set up a date, and I keep deflecting]
Me: you owe me 2 pints     you buying?    [I’m no trick]
Her: nooooo     you owe me 3 pints
Me: you just made that up!
Her: you are crazy
Me: I know     it’s what people like about me
Her: dont try to pretend     i dont.    [This seems to be a sign that she wants me to be more real, but it could also be a shit test. I’m not sure]
Me: ?     does tat mean you’re getting the first round of beers?     *that    [so I’m ambiguous and then stack]
Her: i dont have money     i quite my job   [yeah, sure]
Me: !     I’m not buying a night of drinks     let’s make our own cocktails   [remain strong]
Her: noooooo     i want to go out     tomorrow     bring the cocktails
Me: to a pub? now you’re the crazy one
Her: hahahaha     hiden
Me: go earn some money    [she will not getting me tricking out for her]
Her: to save some money 🙂
Me: well, you are gonna have to find some money between now and tomorrow night     otherwise we will be drinking cheap lager in the park somewhere    [set the expectations for her to meet or fail]
Her: not a good idea     we can smoke in the park 🙂     this is a good idea     but ok     i can afford 2 beers     nothing else    [accepts]
Me: ok, we’ll arrange something tomorrow     I’m gonna watch that movie downstairs now    [job done, get out of there]
Her: ok     bye bye
Me: have a good evening     😉
Her: tks     you too!

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